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Azuraki's Notes on Demons


  • This is a guide for all 5★ demons in the game when you want to fuse them/archetype change.
  • Its focus is in analyzing and discussing what are good/bad archetypes and is based on looking at their kit + how the playerbase generally builds them.
  • There may be people who have better opinions than mine as I don't have that many 5★ demons.
  • For Gacha demons, i'll go over their gacha skills as the only way to obtain them is via pulling
  • Standard 5★s are analyzed on the basis of the archetype skill only, for when you want to fuse them/switch archetype

4★ (and below) demons

  • Notable demons are now included in the guide. All gacha 4★ and lower demons are covered, whilst with fusables i've selected a few to go through
  • I will only discuss the best/usable archetypes for these. Bad archetypes should essentially be considered to be sold for Karma/fused away


  • Refer to the "Guide: Brands" by Dev, for brand setup information (this guide will just list general setups for each demon).
  • If i don't list a secondary brand, go with Ward.

Archetype Rating

  • Worst = The other archetypes are mostly better than this one
  • Usable = Could have its uses depending on the sort of build you want to run
  • Best = Considered the most optimal, most suited to the demon/build people generally go for


  • ndr = Null, Drain, Repel. Immunity to a specific element

Useful Resources

Wiki: Demon Compendium Contain's demon's maxed out stats, aether requirements and skill levels. If you can't find a specific demon, search up it's name in searchbar.
Wiki: Formulas How values are calculated in game. This is a rough idea as we still do not know the specifics when it comes to some areas of the game.
Tier List Made by one of our mods. Their thoughts would vary from mine, but most of it is the same.
Fusion Calculator
Gives a compact view of all demons and skills, displays the fusion chart for easy reference.
Sweeper Damage Comparisons
(Reddit Thread)
Writeup containing an analysis of various sweepers in the game and how much damage they produce.
Team Builder Helps you plan out some builds you want to run, skill setups, brands, etc.
Battle Speed Calculator Quick way to calculate the total battle speed of your team, factoring in Speedster and Leader Bonuses.
PVP Turn Planner Simulates a pvp battle. Assign the demons you want to run, view mana rotation and press turn usage.

Hey guys i wanted to just say off the bat that i've decided to quit playing this game. I'm not really good when it comes to goodbyes and so i won't do a huge blown out announcement and instead will keep it on the down low (so please don't make a huge fuss over it). In all honesty i'm really suffering from burnout and with the current state the game is in, i've given up on it (grinded plenty but now it just really seems like a chore). Anyways on a more positive note, i'd like to just say thank you (yes you, reading this) for using my guide, i hoped it helped you out in the game and i am genuinely happy for the well wishes i received from everyone.
With that, all the best with your future pulls and drops ^-^. I do really hope Sega turns it around with their content for the sake of veterans who are still going.


  • Mini Guides: Added Selling Gacha 3★ guide
  • Demon Updates: Combined Jack Frost and Pyro Jack into one: Jack Bros
  • Useful Links: Removed link to Japan's fusion calculator (Link can be found at the bottom of the page citing Dev/Dissi)
  • FAQ: Removed stats information (Info can be found in Formulas link)
  • Calculator: Forward Fusions now listed for Halloweeen Jack and Helper Frost. They are new classified into a new group as well as Mishaguji.
  • Introduction: Updated Useful Resources
  • Demon Updates: Bayonetta ☆ and Jeanne ☆
  • Demon Guide: Added Chupacabra
  • Demon Updates: Bayonetta, Jeanne and Beloved done.
  • Demon Updates: Bayonetta ☆ and Jeanne ☆ done.
  • Demon Guide: Added Templates for Bayonetta, Bayonetta ☆, Jeanne, Jeanne ☆ and Beloved
  • Demon Updates: Removed Zouchouten, Hare of Inaba
  • Mini Guides: Added AG Challenge writeup
  • Calculator: Multi-Fusion demons now list their components in the info tab
  • Mini Guides: Updated FAQ
  • Introduction: Added Useful Resources link, moved Tier List and Demon Compendium into there
  • Introduction: Added mention of skill levels being found on wiki
  • Mini Guides: Added FAQ section
  • Demon Updates: Loki (Fixed Yellow Archetype)
  • Mini Guides: Updated Infusion Guide
  • Introduction: Added link to Wiki, Tier List
  • Demon Updates: Orcus(Skills), Lakshmi(Archetype,Skills), Masakado(Archetype)
  • Mini Guides: Added Infusion section
  • Introduction: Added Terminology section
  • Mini Guides: Added Support Demons section
  • Added Mini Guides section
  • Mini Guides: Added Archetype Shifter/Selector
  • 3/4★ Gacha Demons: Man Eater, Bodyconian writeup
  • 4★ Fusable Demons: Beelzebub, Ganesha writeup
  • Other Demons: Kinmamon writeup
  • Redid 5★ Demons in Table of Contents, now separated by Gacha/Fusable
  • Added in Man Eater, Bodyconian, Beelzebub, Ganesha and Kinmamon (Will fill in later)
  • Sizing of all demons found in Table of Contents now equal
  • Added Latest Updates collapsible
  • Added Masakado writeup

Mini Guides

This Mini Guide serves as both to answer frequently asked questions and give some useful information for newer players


  • Makara Break: Removes both Makarakarn and 5 Elements
  • Silent Prayer: Removes Tetrakarn, Makarakarn, 5 Elements, Lydia, Charge, Concentrate, Ailments, Might(Rebellion) effects for all demons
  • Lydia: Is not affected by Healing Amount% or Mag% boosts from brands. It heals 15% per demon's turn, activating 3 times.
  • Ce Acatls' Return: Has the same AI behaviour as Samarecarm, Quetzalcoatl will use this even when there is only one demon defeated
  • Endure/Enduring Soul: Will activate in the order which you transferred them to the demon (If you have multiple).
    E.g. Vishnu with Enduring Soul in slot 5 and Endure in slot 6 will activate Avatar first, followed by Enduring Soul, then Endure last
  • Repel Phys/Repel Magic (Makarakarn/Tetrakarn/5 Elements): Do not stack on top of eachother, if already have one reflect shield and cast another, it'll replace it.
  • Healing: Affected by both Mag% and Healing Amount%, Tarukaja has no effect on it.


  • Attack: Focused on using damage skills, they won't use Support skills at all
  • Support: Focused on using support skills (Buffs/Debuffs), they can use healing (mainly when multiple demons are injured, if one is badly injured they won't use it) and attack skills
  • Heal: Focused on healing/revival skills. If a demon is even scratched, they'll likely heal up that injured demon. I haven't seen Heal AI demons use Support skills at all however
  • All types: Have an exception when it comes to revive skills (Recarm/Samarecarm/Recarmdra/Ce Actl's Return). If they have the mp for it and see a fallen ally they will use it
  • All types: Prioritize hitting weaknesses and being able to finish off an enemy over their base behaviour. In pvp if they see a level one demon, they'd likely just target them with a basic phys attack unless they can aoe phys
  • Programmed so that they cannot use the same skill multiple times in a row. A Divine branded demon with a 4mp skill would break out of the 0->4->0 cycle if their skill is used multiple times in a row


  • Starting first: Each demon begins with 2mp. Great for when you want to run an ailment oriented team. Remove barriers via Barrier Break/Plague of Babylon/Silent Prayer then inflict the enemy team with all the ailments that you can
  • Starting second: Each demon begins with 5mp. You can take advantage of demons with high mp costs like Quetzalcoatl by having Tetra-Shift they're forced to attack into it (if you start out second)
  • Defense Team: The Dx2 you assign will only have their stat increase passives apply to your team. Seiran will grant +12 Ag (+1200 Battle Speed), Eileen with 10% Max HP and +7 Lu, etc.
    Stat bonuses will not show up on the battle speed screen and so be sure to remember Seiran always gives 1200 Battle Speed, Kangaroo Boxer 700, and MC 300.

Counter Passives:

  • Regardless of whether the demon hit has ndr phys or the attack missed, if they're targeted by a phys attack counter will activate
  • Is activated on hits, if a demon with counter is hit twice, the passive is procced twice
  • If a demon has multiple counter passives, only one will activate per hit.
    E.g. Common Ose with counter, either counter/retaliate will activate or neither of them(never both)
  • Doesn't crit, miss or generate press turns
  • Not affected by Charge/Rebellion
  • Affected by the opponents resistances, target will take no damage if they null/repel phys and will be healed if they drain it. If they repel it, it is treated as a null
  • Source (Thanks to eli1323 on Reddit)
  • Pierce affects counters, given the previous point counters will ignore the opponent's resistances (unless they're paired with Alilat/Rama)
  • Affected by Phys Boost/Amp, increasing demon's PATK would increase its damage
  • Meat Balloon can increase counter damage and increase the chance for counters

This is a table listing 3★ demons that can be sold for karma and those to keep. Inspired by the spreadsheet made by /u/patoente on Reddit. It can be found here
Click on the demon's portrait to view its overall information.

Herculean Strike
Hellish Mask
Sexy Dance
Mind Break
Soul Drain
Bolt Storm
Bloody Glee
Binding Claw
Good Aim
Bloody Glee
Bloody Glee
Good Aim
Mind Break
Sweet Bite
Hades Blast
Bloody Glee
Hellish Mask


Introduced as another option for spending Karma, Archetype Shifting/Selecting allows you to change the archetype of a demon from one color to another (excluding Common archetypes), the result is always a different archetype.
Shifters/Selectors can be found in the exchange store either via the PvP screen (Exchange) or Pandemonium (Sell Demons -> Exchange) and can also be obtained via events/mission rewards.
When a demon's archetype changes, only their awakened skill is updated (skill 4), skills in slot 5/6 are untouched unless it is their new awakened skill. For example:

  • Yellow Vishnu with Level 2 Megidolaon in slot 5 (nothing in 6) and we want to change him to Red.
  • Case 1: He is Awakened, the result would have Level 2 Megidolaon (slot 5 and 6 empty).
  • Case 2: He was not Awakened, then the result would have Level 1 Megidolaon (slot 5 and 6 empty)

So if you want to change archetype and already have a levelled version of the skill on the demon, be sure to Awaken the demon before hand


  • Archetype Shift chooses a random archetype to change into (E.g. If your demon is Red, then it'll become either Teal/Yellow/Purple).
  • Archetype Select gives you the option to choose the resultant archetype.

General Usage (Shifters):

If you want to shift a demon, it's recommended to be prepared for when you don't get the desired archetype.
To give an example: A Red Ananta that we want to try shifting to Purple.

Above are the possible fusion results that Ananta can create, if the resultant archetype is:

  • Purple: Keep Ananta for usage
  • Yellow: Fuse into either Huang Long (Usable), Zaou-Gongen or Garuda
  • Teal: Fuse into either Quetzalcoatl, Lilith, Asherah, Huang Long, Barong, Susano-o or Shiva

This way you maximise the usage of the shifter so it doesn't go to waste, the case can happen where you shift from one color to the other and then back to the original.

In game you are able to choose a demon to set as support, enabling others to use your demon in Story, Brand and Aether farming. Support demons are controlled by the AI and will always act last regardless of their speed in comparison to your own (I believe they also have no effect on battle speed). In the case of running levelling quests (two parties), the support demon will appear twice, once for your first team and once for your second (if your first team falls), in both situations the demon starts off at full health/mana and if effective enough could carry your team.
A support demons usage refresh once everyday during the daily reset. It also refreshes for every hour you re-login, so to maximise your demon's usage, re-login every hour and clear those who have been inactive on your list.

Setting your support demon:

  • Open up the Menu at the bottom right and select "Party", going to the party screen
  • Select "Support Demon" on the bottom left hand corner to change your demon
  • Whatever demon you see there is the current support demon in use

Support demon recommendations:

When it comes to choosing which sort of support demon to assist others, the general recommendation is to set one that is offensive. Depending on the type of demon you choose, there are also some caveats in the way you build them that can determine how effective they'll be. Support/Healer demons aren't that desired as the main party should have that avenue covered, more damage is always good regardless of the situation.

All Types Phys Demons Mag Demons
  • Ward brands/High ailment resist/Null Charm: If a support demon is really powerful and is charmed, they can easily take out your team, leading to losses
  • Decent survivability: A demon like Garuda would hit hard, but has one of the lowest hp/vit stats in the game, they'd die too quickly to remain in use.
  • Covered weaknesses: You don't want enemies to gain press turns off hitting your demons weakness, so the same would be said to your support demon too.
  • Good hit rate: If they keep missing (low base agi or no accuracy% bonuses) then they'll cost press turns, even leading to losses (Making people delete you in frustration)
  • Elemental coverage: The more elements your demon has the more likely they'll hit weaknesses. A demon such as Mastema would be great for hitting light weak foes, but against ndr light he can't do much.
  • Multi-Hit skills: For bosses mainly, it would down them faster as all hits would be directed towards the boss
  • Pierce: allows you to ignore pesky ndr, you don't have to worry about losing press turns any longer
  • Mana Aid: helps greatly with mana regain, the demon can go all out every wave hitting their hardest
  • Able to handle ndr phys: Against phys immune demons, phys demons without pierce would be dead weight. On auto they'd pass their turn at least, but on manual play would likely waste turns
  • Good crit rate: Crits would mean a half turn icon usage, giving your team more actions per turn
  • Divine brands: Maximises mp recovery as once the demon is out of mp, they will resort to phys attacks. Given they're not built for phys they can miss and cost your team press turns.
  • Almighty Skills: Solves the issue of coverage when the demon faces foes that ndr their element of choice. You don't gain half turn icons, but you don't use turn icons either.

A feature that allows players to increase the base stats of a demon that is unlocked and added to the Pandemonium when you clear Chapter 5 of the story.
Infusion is done via either sacrificing Mitamas or using an item called Mitama Extract (5 variations, based on primary stats), each boosting stats to a varying degree depending on the type.
Mitamas can be found in Aura Gate Floors 41-50 (recruitable as a Rare Encounter) and upon defeat can drop Mitama Extracts.

Sacrificing Mitamas/Using Extracts

As like sacrificing demons for skill points/evolve materials, mitama are used up for Infusion boosting a primary stat by two and a secondary by one, with using extracts you have to use 5 at a time to boost a stat by one.





St+2, Ag+1

Ma+2, Lu+1

Ag+2, Vi+1

Vi+2, Lu+1

Stat caps and limits

Each stat has a cap of a +10 bonus and depending on the rarity of the demon there is also a limit for the total amount of stat points that can be boosted. 1★ demons can be boosted in every stat to 10 (limit of 50) and as you go higher this limit decreases restricting the amount of points you can allocate. Choose wisely when it comes to investing specifically in 4/5★ demons


Sample builds

Investing +10 to a stat can help quite a bit depending on the stat invested in. For example if you compare Mastema and Amaterasu, they both have the same Agi stat when maxed out. If you want either to act first you can simply boost up their Agi to ensure better turn order. In any demon which you've invested any Agility Amp I/II into, Infusion is a great replacement for it, freeing a slot to use for another skill.
The best stat to invest into for any demon would be Luck (increases accuracy, evasion, crit chance, ailment resistance, ailment infliction and reduces chances to receive crits), followed by Agi for turn order, accuracy and evasion. Vit would be great for more tankiness and Mag/Str provides a minor boost to damage/defence but is still good for maxing out their potential.
Below are some sample stat spreads, you can follow it if you wish or go with whatever you like.

4/5★ Builds Phys Spell Support
Stat Spreads
Accuracy/CritAg+10, Lu+10, St+5
DamageSt+10, Rest Ag/Lu
Intimidating StanceSt+10, Rest Lu/Vi
FastMa+10, Ag+10, Lu+5
SlowMa+10, Vi+10, Lu+5
TankVi+10, Lu+10, St/Ma (Defence)
AilmentsLu+10, Ag+10, Vi+5
Buffs/DebuffsVi+10, Lu+10, Ag+5
HealerMa+10, Vi+10, Rest Ag/Lu

Undoing Infusions

In case you want to remove stats gained through Infusion, the Purge feature can do so (also found in the Pandemonium). To purge a demon, you need to use the relevant Purge Extract which can be purchased in the Black Market (accessed from Hideout). One Ag Purge Extract would remove 1 infused Ag point, St Purge Extract would remove 1 St point, the same applies to the rest of the extract types. It is randomized in the store, but you can purchase 3 at a time for ~2,000 macca.

To be attempted only when you're satisfied with your main demons as it takes extra investment into demons you may not normally use. These challenges test your demon building ability and for the reward you are granted titles to show off. They have restrictions pertaining to grade, requiring you to finish it without any continues and so if you break them then you won't get the title unlocked upon clearing the stage.


  • 1. Grade Limit: Each party is limited based on their total grade.
    E.g. Grade Limit of 10:
    Team 1 = Mokoi and Agathion (5+5)
    Team 2 = Melchom and Chagrin (4+4)
    This setup is valid, but if you replace any with Koppa Tengu (5+7 or 4+7), it would be over the limit.
  • 2. No Continues: Clear the stage without using Gems to revive your team.

Tips and Recommendations:

  • You can use items, be sure to do so as they'd come in handy for reviving, healing and curing ailments. Reflect mirrors can also help in making your foes lose press turns.
  • For the later stages (40 and 50), it is recommended to start off the battle with a secondary team. Buffs/Debuffs will carry over when you switch teams so auto-buffs/debuffs would be useful on the get go.
  • Both Yellow Jack Frost and Yellow Pyro Jack will prove very useful in the later fights. Tag allows your main damage source to spam many attacks and if you bring a weakness hitting demon + use Chalk Eater you'd get buffs in the process (also gaining chances to gain extra press turn icons). Their total grade value is 20 (7+13), so if you only want to run one then Jack Frost is the cheaper demon.
  • The suggested Dx2s to use is Seiran for your sub team and Chalk Eater for your main team. Start off the floor as Seiran for a free scan of the floor (helps you reach the boss easier), Chalk will be for taking advantage of weaknesses.
  • In the later floors, you'd require demons with Aura Gate trap related passives, preventing the effects of Damage Tiles and Dark Zone Tiles when figuring out the path to the boss
  • You can skip encounters by closing the app then reopening it, it'll place you back on the tile you were standing on before you started combat. If you were in the boss fight you'll immediately refight it from the beginning.
  • Hare of Inaba's unique passive "Trap Free" gives you the Void Dark Zone effect and damage reduction from Damage Panels (-30%). If you transfer Dmg Panel VI (-25%) and Dmg Panel VII (-50%), you can get immunity to both negative tile effects in the one demon. I've done so for my Hare and so my general secondary team for 40 and 50 consist of mainly Hare + other demons.
Suggested Demons
Void Dark ZoneDmg Panel Immunity

Hare of Inaba


Challenge Guide
10F20F30F 40F50F
Grade Limit: 10 Grade Limit: 20 Grade Limit: 30 Grade Limit: 100 Grade Limit: 150

Not many choices for this stage.
Simply pick one that you like, level it to 45 and it shouldn't be that much of a problem.
Even though he comes to Makarakarn, all i've seen him spam is Fog Breath and Hamadyne.

Azrael here isn't too tough as well just like Dantalian.
Bringing Yellow Jack Frost + one damage unit with Ice would make short work of him.
Like Dantalian i've mainly just seen him using his attack skills.

Tag and Weakness hitting spells would still work wonders for this stage. Baphomet will mainly spam Mamudo with the occasional Maragi and so be sure to heal up with Beads in case things go awry. Having Ice should take care of both Dakini and Light is takes care of Baphomet.

Yellow Pyro Jack would work better here compared to the previously mentioned Yellow Jack Frost as he takes reduced damage from Maragi/Agilao

With the boosted grade limit, a low grade demon won't cut it anymore. Slime likes to favour Life Drain over Megaton Raid and luckily it doesn't do much damage, so if you use a demon with Drain Phys, you should be able to heal up the damage to taken from the skill (Repel to make him take more damage).

Useful Demons:
Repel Phys Red Girimekhala, Rangda
Drain Phys Siegfried, Abraxas
Back Attack / Merciless Blow Purple Efreet, Purple Anubis, Purple Titania, Izanami
Other: Loki

The toughest challenge yet compared to the others. There is only one strategy that we've figured out so far and it involves using a gacha only demon sadly. Start off the battle with your sub team containing White Rider and hit both Alice and Asherah with God's Bow. If it fails even once you'd have to reset the fight as they both need to be down in order for this to go smoothly. Required battle speed is >16,701, so pairing White Rider with a speedy demon is mandatory to start off first (+ 1200 from Seiran helps).

Once they're down, White Rider + your speedster would likely fall, leading to your main team. Huang Long + whatever you like should be able to handle the rest of the fight. 5 Elements will reflect all of Metatron's moves, so then all you have to do is rely on healing yourself up via items if your team gets too badly bruised. Huang Long is Grade 88, so you have 62 left to pick from.

Useful Demons:
Illuyanka, Ammut, Valkyrie, Zouchouten, Baphomet

My completed attempt (7):
Yellow Jack Frost
My completed attempt (19):
Yellow Jack Frost, Teal Leanan Sidhe
My completed attempt (19):
Yellow Jack Frost, Teal Leanan Sidhe
My completed attempt (95):
Yellow Jack Frost, Yellow Pyro Jack, Teal Loki
My completed attempt (149):
Yellow Jack Frost, Yellow Pyro Jack, Teal Baphomet, Teal Huang Long

Table of Contents

  • Summary can be found here for each demon. Click on their portrait as a shortcut to the demon.
  • In the list of demon names, click on the name to view the writeup itself.

5★ Gacha Demons

Demon Information

Dark oriented unit with Mamudoon, Mudodyne and her unique Die for Me! (DfM) (Kills a single enemy, one use only). Yup, she can kill anyone she points her finger at and so she's really good for shutting down dangerous opponents and can hit hard provided they don't have dark immunity as that's all her base kit relies on.

DfM can be countered by:
  • Having a ndr Dark unit, the skill needs to land to activate
  • Using Tetraja (Patrimpas/Mishaguji), this prevents Mortal (instant kill skills), though DfM will do damage in this case
  • Using Makarakarn/5 Elements, walling off all of her damage sources. Though you can run Makara Break/Silent Prayer to also remove reflect shields
  • DfM does not go through endure/enduring soul/avatar. So if a demon is hit by it and has that skill, they'll still survive.

Common Soul Drain gives her a single target almighty skill, giving her more coverage. Since she's too reliant on dark this is good for when you face dark immune opponents. Unobtainable
Aragami She doesn't really need more dark skills so Hell Gaze wouldn't help much in that department. Sure it's an upgrade to Mudodyne, but it leaves less flexibility in your final skill slots (Mudodyne works well enough anyways).
Glacial Blast enables her to use ice. Being multi-hit it would be good for bosses but can be stopped by ndr and so it's better generally to get single target to ensure you can land a hit or aoe if you know no enemies are immune.
Protector Necro Dogma gives her an almighty skill to play with, also landing more of a support role (Necro Dogma has a Rakukaja effect) and giving her more coverage.
It is quite a costly skill however, so if you want to make the most out of it, it's recommended running Divine brands with it.
Epic Recovery is a rare skill, but currently is pretty bad. For defending yourself against ailments, its better to rely on preventing it rather than rng to cure it.
Psychic Dark Amp stacks up her dark damage, making it hit way harder
Wild Instinct is pretty bad as well. Reducing crit damage taken is not that great (she also has quite high luck so won't be hit by crits that much in the first place)
Elementalist Repel Light covers her light weakness, granting her immunity as well. She can pair well with Alilat to prevent Light and Dark pierce.
Thunder Reign gives her a powerful single target elec skill, so it'll capitalize on her high magic stat and more coverage (which she really needs).

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Light (If not Teal). she should have her weakness covered.
  • Dark Boost. Increase her dark damage further, if you run it with Purple, then she's stuck with dark skills only (provided you covered weakness)
  • Megido (If not Clear/Yellow). As she only uses Dark skills, Almighty can be used when you face dark immune/resistant opponents. Any other element would work too, but almighty would be best.

Brands: Divine/Ward helps you charge up for DfM as quickly as possible, though Spell would work as Mamudoon and Mudodyne both cost 6 mp only.

Demon Information

Comes with 2 unique skills: Death Lust (increased dmg to charmed enemies, chance to charm foes at the start of your turn), Babylon Goblet (BG) (almighty aoe skill which drains 1mp from each target hit) and Mana Gain. She punishes teams without Ward brands and in pve content has a chance to charm enemies every wave. Babylon Goblet is amazing at draining mp out of the enemy team (using her in a Jack Bros setup you can rob them of all their mana, preventing them from counterattacking)

Common Magic Amp III Increases her base magic, this can be decent if you're into min maxing and don't really care about the other archetypes Unobtainable
Aragami Deathtouch gives her a single target skill. Be wary though as if you don't use Divine brands, she'd use this over BG.
Tetraka Shift helps when starting second, it prevents phys attacks though isn't as good as it used to be due to the prevalent use of pierce
Protector Debilitate allows her to lend support your party (Though you still should be spamming Babylon Goblet when you can) through the best debuff in the game. Since double debuffs exist, Debiliate doesn't shine as much as its essentially the same with an extra debuff tacked on.
Infernal Mask is amazing for her due to her natural high luck, greatly increasing ailment infliction/resistance. It also means you don't have to run ward (I would not replace this skill because of its usefulness and rarity)
Psychic Stacking Deadly Charm with her passive, would amp up damage done to charmed enemies (Have another demon spam charm to get the best out of it).
Insanity will increase her chances of charming enemies overall (this will affect her initial charm passive i'm pretty sure)
Elementalist Drain Phys is most useful when you have Rama with you (since she has Drain Elec as well), stopping piercing phys hitters and Thor from from sweeping you.
Naturally she has Null Phys anyways and so prevents phys aoe in general. Makara Shift is nice defensively for when you start second in pvp.

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Force. She has a weakness that should be covered.
  • Serial Killer/Butcher. Increases her BG damage since it's almighty based
  • Endure. Gives her survivability.

Brands: Divine to spam Babylon Goblet. Some of the top players use Life to ensure she stays alive as long as possible. Spell if you want Babylon Goblet to do more damage, you'd always start off draining 4mp (effectively reducing its cost to 4 from 8, or 3 from 7 if you maxed it out), though the less opponents alive, the less effective it'll be in returning mana to her. Ward if you're worried of her being inflicted by ailments. Shield would be good otherwise.

Demon Information

Has no weaknesses and Nulls Light/Dark, he comes with Concentrate, Soul Drain and his unique skill Apocalypse (Almighty, hit all with chance to mute). Given his toolkit he can be used as an alternative on the Jack Bros sweeping team (easier to build compared to Ishtar, less expensive). People don't really run Memutudi as well so they'd waste press turns waiting for mute to go away. The best approach is running barrier break on a demon that acts before him to remove Ward.

Common Mahamakajamaon is bad on him. Since Apocalypse already comes with Mute, this skill is a waste. Unobtainable
Aragami Judgement would boost your damage though it'd be better just using Tarukaja/having another demon cast it.
Evade makes him dodge more attacks which can be good for facing phys units (he naturally has pretty good agi).
Protector Demon Birth Cry is situational and more defensive. Regardless the best approach is using Apocalypse, dealing damage and muting.
Auto-Tarunda gives you a defensive head start, good for keeping him and your team alive. Pair this with Purple's Auto-Rakuka and you can easily survive counter attacks (when starting first)
Psychic Auto-Rakuka allows your party to start off with a defense boost, this is great in pvp for Jack Bros team setups. With Mute, defense up it's unlikely your team would fall.
Trisagion is a powerful single target skill, it gives him something else to use if your team is walled off by Huang Long.
Elementalist Resist Phys isn't that great. It increases his defense against standard phys attacks but since its not a weakness being covered it doesn't help that much
Resist Fire follows the same logic. It's better using stuff like Tarukaja/Rakukaja for damage reduction as they cover all damage, not just a single element

Recommended skills:

  • Insanity/Madness. Increasing his chance of inflicting mute.
  • Endure/Enduring Soul. Gives him more chances do the Concentrate + Apocalypse combo.
  • Serial Killer/Butcher. Increases his Apocalypse damage.
  • Deadly Mute. Reliant on an opponent being muted in the first place, however adds a large damage boost compared to Serial Killer/Butcher.

Brands: Divine/Ward. Apocalypse is costly, so be sure to get divine so you can two turn use it. Maxing it out would help with mp cost but this brand setup would still be good for when you want to Concentrate then Apocalypse as soon as possible.

Demon Information

The most powerful hero in game with no weaknesses, high strength, high agility, luck, sporting 2 unique skills + Hades Blast. Superior Power (which boosts his accuracy and granting him Phys pierce (!!!) and Yinlong Killer, a sweeping phys skill which adds 50% with high power. With that skillset he's quite devastating in any content and this is probably why (him + Hell Biker/Zaou Gongen setup), you see a lot of anti-phys defense teams in pvp.

Common Life Aid doesn't help that much with him. Due to innate resistances he can take a fair amount of damage, though i suppose this archetype would be better than Yellow's Salvation. Unobtainable
Aragami Berserker God is really good for taking out single targets. If you don't run divine, regardless you can turn one attempt to snipe an enemy.
Auto-Taruka Saves you using another demon with it. If you have Ananta, then this skill can be replaced if you wish to
Protector Salvation is not that good on him as he is not a caster (and it's too costly). It's unlikely he'd ever use it in auto.
Null Phys is what makes this pulled archetype good (and is the only source of a Null resistance that is transferable). If his attack is repelled he won't die to the reflected damage and so you can sweep teams irregardless of Alilat + repel phys. I'd recommend shifting this to another archetype if you can.
Psychic Null Charm is amazing for pvp. If he's charmed then chances are he'll take down your own team due to his sheer power.
Serial Killer will boost his aoe damage even further but can easily be replaced with Phys boost if you wish (10% vs 15%), or you could run both.
Elementalist Repel Light prevents deaths via God's Bow, light sweeping (e.g. Mastema) and light piercing when paired with Alilat.
Infernal mask ensures he's unlikely to be hit by ailments (I wouldn't recommend removing this due to its rarity and how useful it can be).

Recommended skills:

  • Phys Boost. Damage up, sweeping all day and all night
  • Endure/Enduring Soul for more survival so he can bring the pain.
  • Bloody/Savage Glee. If you want even higher chances for criticals
  • Null Phys (If not Yellow). Prevents reflected damage from killing him
  • Butcher. Pair with Phys Boost (or Amp if you're lucky) to increase his damage even further.

Brands: War to maximise his damage or Divine if you want to pull off turn 1 Hades Blast + have 2 turn Yinlong Killer spamming. Life can ensure he's bulky. You wouldn't really need Ward as Purple or pulled Teal but it can act as a safety harness. In that case Aim could be nice against evasion teams or Shield for magic defense.


OP demon with no weaknesses (Immune to fire, resistant to ice). Rama comes with Mabufudyne and 2 unique skills: Drain Pierce (Pierce has no effect on demons with Drain resistances, provided he's alive) and Brahmastra (Almighty hit all 3 times). He's the drain version of Alilat's effect and with Brahmastra, is effective against demons that have avatar/endure/enduring soul.

Common He's a magic attacker so Hades Blast has no use to him at all Unobtainable
Aragami Energy Drain is rather lackluster as you'd prefer using Brahmastra instead.
Mana Aid makes him really good in pve, essentially you'd wipe out waves with Brahmastra, regain your mana, rinse and repeat. This would make him a really good demon to use in autoing provided he hits hard enough.
Protector Luster Candy would give you another source of a full buff (Though that's better suited to Amaterasu/Huang Long), he won't use it on auto due to being Attack AI.
Concentrate would allow you to use him in Jack Bros setups, charging up to deal high amounts of damage.
Psychic Though you'd want to spam Brahmastra, Ice Pierce would go through 5 elements saving you from bringing Makara Break/Silent Prayer.
Ice Age could help for single targeting
Elementalist Drain Ice is an effective counter to other Purple Ramas and can be useful against Makarakarn/5 Elements, Reflect a Mabufudyne off the shield to heal.
Null Mute is not that great on him, so it can be replaced.

Recommended skills:

  • Endure/Enduring soul. As long as he's alive you want Brahmastra spam.
  • Butcher/Serial Killer. The only way to boost his almighty damage, though butcher is only obtainable through Skill gacha. Serial killer can be gotten from Shiva.
  • Ice Boost. If you're insistent on using him as an ice piercer, this can be boost up Mabufudyne's damage.

Brands: Divine. You want to spam spells so this is the only option really, Spell/Life is okay but then you won't be able to 2 turn skills in exchange for more damage/hp.

Demon Information

An amazing physical attacker with no weaknesses, also draining phys. He utilizes Berserker God, Rebellion and a unique passive "Arms Mastery" (+15% phys damage/phys hit rate, levellable) making him effective at hitting his target without any problems or repercussions from reflected attacks. Given he naturally has Rebellion, he's also good when paired with Zaou Gongen, granting him phys pierce whenever he uses it.

Common Hes good at surviving combat and so Life Aid is useless on him. In pvp it doesn't do anything at all for his kit. Unobtainable
Aragami Maxing out Titanomachia would help in hitting evasive demons such as Garuda and Yatagarasu. Since an aoe is given to you, you then have two free slots to customize whatever you want.
Great Aim would add even more accuracy to his attacks, this should enable him to still hit even when the enemy has the evasion advantage with Sukunda/Sukukaja.
Protector Charge is nice but you'd waste a lot of turns setting up both charge and rebellion.
Auto-Sukunda is good but again his accuracy is already pretty high. If you want to replace it, Yatagarasu is another source with that auto skill.
Psychic Enduring Soul adds to his survivability, stack this with Endure to give him an extra two hits until death.
Myriad Arrows is nice for bosses, though people prefer to just give him an Aoe instead as he has Berserker God already.
Elementalist Null Force makes him completely immune to Susano-o as it blocks all of his sources of attacks. It can also block Rangda's Mazandyne and since a lot of demons have force in their kits it can shut down a lot of sweeps.
Resist Dark can be replaced as it won't really do much on him

Recommended skills:

  • Aoe Skill. Since he doesn't come with one, Hades Blast is good.
  • Phys Boost. for more damage
  • Savage/Bloody Glee. For more criticals if you can't be bothered using Rebellion
  • Endure if using Enduring soul to stack it up.

Brands: War/Life or Divine, he works fine with either. Divine will allow you to turn one Berserker God for pvp.

Demon Information

Immune to light and dark, resistant to phys attacks, has high strength, good agility and high luck to boot for criticals. He comes with the unique skill Hassou Tobi (8x random piercing hits), very useful for bosses and brand farming. Innate skills include Vorpal Blade and Mana Aid, making him amazing in Pve, Mana Aid gives him full MP recovery each wave so he can sweep and repeat with Vorpal Blade/Hassou Tobi.

Common Enduring Soul would give him more survivability. Pair this up with Endure so he can take 2 extra hits before dying Unobtainable
Aragami Gigantomachia is a direct upgrade to Vorpal Blade, though i feel it is a waste having two aoes on him (Vorpal Blade works anyways).
It goes out well with a HB/ZG setup however (due to not needing to worry about criticals) but even so i'd personally recommend the other archetypes over this.
God's Hand gives him a powerful single attack skill. Most people replace this as Hassou Tobi can instead be used for bosses.
Protector Charge allows you to ramp up your damage even further; a 5mp charge coupled with Templar Dragon's passive would hit really hard.
Auto-Sukuka is a decent auto buff that increases your accuracy and evasion, allowing you to land/dodge hits more often.
Psychic Phys Amp boosts his damage greatly allow him to hit really hard, ripping them shreds (To shreds you say?)
Savage Glee would add onto his crit rate meaning it'll be quite likely in you getting another turn.
Elementalist Drain Phys allows you not to worry about reflected Phys damage and, greatly adding to his survivability (Though if he is charmed, he can hurt himself with Hassou Tobi, healing himself with the rest of his skills).
Resist Ice can be replaced as he doesn't have an ice weakness.

Recommended skills:

  • Phys Boost/Amp. Give him more power.
  • Bloody/Savage Glee. Give him more crit (if not purple)
  • Good/Great Aim. If you find he's missing a lot this can help with accuracy issues. Though you should aim for accuracy % tertiaries from brands.
  • Charge (Optional). To pull off stuff like the Templar Dragon strategy.
  • Luck Amp III. Equivalent to Bloody Glee in terms of crit boosting, but has the added effect of extra crit avoidance, accuracy, evasion, ailment resistance and infliction
  • Butcher. As multi-hit skills count as aoe, this can increase Hassou-Tobi/Vorpal Blade damage. Phys Amp, Boost, Butcher maximises his damage

Brands: War or Divine. Divine would be better for charge/pvp setups, for pve it isn't really needed

Demon Information

The opposite of a tanky demon as instead of surviving as long as possible she'd prefer to die for me due to her unique passive Yaxche. This activates only on the enemy turn as when she dies: her killer is hit by an almighty attack and is killed with a 100% success rate (same effect as White Rider/Alice). This bypasses Endure/Avatar/Enduring Soul, but doesn't activate if her team is wiped out/she's the last to die. On offense you can easily exploit the game's AI to target her by intentionally leaving her at level 1, or having the least defense/hp/mdef so they're tempted to kill her straight away.

  • There are counters to her ability if you ever see her on defense teams:
    • Kill all other demons and leave her last.
    • Use Huang Long's special ability: 5 elements as this repels almighty attacks, blocking her ability.
    • Use ailments on her/her team. Poison can kill her without worry of her passive, charm can force her allies to kill her.
    • Bring Reiko as you'd probably expect them to use Recarm a lot. This will ensure Ixtab's ability only activates once as she should be easily killable
    • Tetraja via Patrimpas or Mishaguji can block her ability as well. I do feel Huang Long would be better in this regard, but if you don't have him they're good alternatives.

Common Null Weak prevents a already not that good ailment from hitting her. If you build her up to resist ailments this would help in terms that rely on inflicting Weak. Unobtainable
Aragami Hell Gaze gives her a powerful single target dark skill. Paired with her gacha skill, you can run her as glass cannon.
Assassin would boost up the damage of Hell Gaze and her innate Bufudyne as well.
Protector Mahashibaboon sets her up as an ailment user (she naturally has pretty good luck for infliction).
Insanity complements this and there's also the fact that levelling up her passive also increases her ailment infliction rate. Give her other ailments and she can pile them on the enemy team.
Psychic Berserker, usually bad (increase damage dealt, increased damage taken), but in her case has the opposite effect.
Auto-Rakunda helps in swinging the offensive balance to your side (pair with Auto-Taruka for the best effect) on match start. You can build for magic as berserker would make her hit harder. She has low strength so don't bother with phys.
Elementalist Null Light covers her weakness which is desired, you wouldn't want the enemy team to get extra press turns off her death (in case they kill her revivers).
Mabufudyne gives her an aoe ice skill, its not really needed so up to you whether you keep it or not.

Recommended Skills:

  • Resist Light. Not for the purpose of reducing damage, but instead for not giving the enemy extra press turns.
  • Madness. Good when combined with Yellow's Insanity its a good to go with her.
  • Recarmdra, Samarecarm. Bring back allies if she's being targeted last
  • Any other ailment skills like Charm, Mute, Weak, etc.
  • Barrier break to remove barriers for ailment inflicting (though another demon can fulfil this role)

Brands: Divine, Speed, Spell, Lead combinations all work. Don't give her HP/def/mdef and instead focus on stats like Ailment Infliction, Ailment Resistance, Speed (If you want to act first), Matk % if you want to use her for damage.

Demon Information

Mot is a tanky caster coming with Megidolaon, Mamudodyne and Harmonius Death, a really useful passive (Every second turn he gains 10% damage (cap = 50%) and an extra press turn). Naturally he repels Force and Dark, meaning if you pair him up with Alilat you can prevent Cu Chulainn + Black Frost sweeps. Given his unique passive, stats and the fact he also resists phys and fire he's a really good defensive demon in pve and pvp content. The longer he's left alive, the more dangerous the enemy team becomes. Note it takes two turns for a 10% jump and so it'd take 10 turns to reach 50%. This is unlikely to be reached in pvp but in pve content such as Kiwami this can prove quite useful depending on who you go up against.

Common Mana Gain gives raises his mp cap to 12. Useless in pvp and not that great in pve Unobtainable
Aragami Deathtouch gives him a single target almighty skill. You can be selective with your attacks but generally Megidolaon and Mamudodyne should be enough.
Magic Amp III increases his spell damage further, this can be good for min maxing if you're not sure what else to run.
Protector With Judgement he can enhance his support skills with an aoe that does damage and grants the party tarukaja.
Given he's attack AI he can't act as a buff/debuffer to take advantage of skills like Fog/Acid Breath and War Cry so this is one way to make him a buffer at least.
Auto-Rakuka is always nice to boost up your starting defence without having to spend a turn casting Rakukaja.
Psychic With his naturally pretty high life, Life Surge boosts it even higher. Since he wants to be alive for the extra press turn icon you can run Life Brands as well to stack his life up higher and higher.
Enduring Soul gives him another life but you should expect him to survive a long time anyways in this archetype.
Elementalist Null Phys prevents a majority of phys demons from doing damage to you (unless they're with HB/ZG). This can be useful for pvp but I'd say moreso for pve.
Resist Elec covers his weakness so you save mag fusing Throne.

Recommended Skills:

  • Resist Elec. The intention is that he'd survive as long as possible to keep Harmonius Death up.

Brands: Divine would be good due to his costly skills if you want him to two turn them. Life if you don't really care about that and just want his hp to go as high as possible. Stack MAtk % if you want damage, Life% if you want survival.

Demon Information

Phys oriented demon who can be paired with Chernobog to produce devastating results. He has amazing strength, agility and luck so he can dish out hits, crits all day. Naturally he has Berserker God and two unique skills: Meslamtea (+20% accuracy, casts rebellion whenever an enemy is poisoned), Pague of Babylon (Casts Barrier Break then Weak all with 80% infliction rate). With these two unique skills he can also be paired with Zaou Gongen to give his attacks a pierce effect. You'd use him to remove barriers first then inflict weak on enemies, once they're weakened they can easily be poisoned which results in him getting Rebellion. An aoe skill is desired of course in order to sweep.

Common Strength Amp III would boost his strength for min maxing, nothing that spectacular Unobtainable
Aragami Hades Blast gives him the desired aoe with a cheap 5mp cost too.
Savage Glee grants him more criticals, though this isn't needed if you're going for poison.
Protector Toxic Sting naturally complements his passive. Assuming the enemy has no barriers and have been weakened, you can Toxic Sting, inflicting poison then have Rebellion casted on yourself. Rinse and repeat.
Auto-Sukuka helps in landing hits and increases evasion too so that's always a plus but can be replaced if you have Ananta.
Psychic Auto-Taruka is okay on him, but since there are other demons with access to it, its better leaving it to them.
Strength Amp III would be good for min-maxing though he'd be better off having his weakness covered + aoe (or phys boost).
Elementalist He naturally resists light so Null Light, though upgraded won't do much.
Resist Ice covers his weakness, so this saves you from fusing an expensive Odin.

Recommended Skills:

  • Resist Ice. Cover his weakness, or not if you want to maximise his damage potential
  • Phys Boost. To increase his damage even further
  • Deadly Poison. Goes well with his passive.
  • Aoe skill. If not Red, can help with sweeping

Brands: War works fine since he doesn't have any costly skills. Divine if you want a more costly aoe.

Demon Information

Demon designed and built for tankiness with two unique abilities centering around weaknesses: Law of Hell prevents the enemy team from getting extra press turn icons when a weakness is hit, whilst Hell's Gate grants damage reduction depending on the number of weak attributes your team has (3% per weakness, max 30%). Naturally he comes with War Cry for debuffing and 2 weaknesses himself, meaning by default you get a 6% damage reduction bonus (though this applies only to aoe/multi-target skills). Pairing him with Hecatoncheires would grant you an extra 15% damage reduction and if you don't cover Hecaton's weakness then in total they share 27% damage reduction. So if you do cap out on damage reduction (by bringing demons such as Slime, Abraxas, Arahabaki, etc) this brings it up to a total of 45% essentially halving all damage done. With this strat however, single target skills will still do standard damage to you.

There are counters to Orcus teams:

  • Use Loki to be able to have a chance at skipping press turn usage
  • Use Chalk Eater as your dx2, you'll still get buffs when you hit their weakness so you don't have to bring a buffer unit. There's also the chance of getting extra press turns

Common Tetrakarn isn't that great in today's climate because of phys pierce, there are better archetypes suited to him compared to this. Unobtainable
Aragami Mamudoon is not too good for him since he's not a spellcaster (He's Support AI anyways).
Auto-Tarunda is a good skill however, so if you pulled him as Red, i'd recommend switching to another archetype, keeping Auto-Tarunda.
Protector Nocturne is another supporting skill to use to enhance your team's defense and evasion. Coupled with the Tarunda effect from War Cry, once both buffs are up you'll be taking quite miniscule aoe damage.
Null Bind is okay and not that great, you can replace it.
Psychic Tetraka Shift can stop first turn phys, giving you one turn of breathing room, though in higher pvp people generally bring pierce phys demons anyhows.
Hell Gaze is pretty bad using the same reasoning as Mamudoon.
Elementalist Null Phys makes him immune to phys attacks which is really good in pve, in pvp it can have its uses as well for blocking damage from phys demons such as: Siegfried, Seth, Zhong Kui, Shiva (provided he doesn't Pralaya), Yoshitsune. When facing a Hell Biker team, you may be able to survive long enough for all 3 uses of Red Zone wear off, making him immune to their team, as they are oriented towards aoe phys.
Vitality Amp III can be replaced unless you don't have any other skills you want to run.

Recommended Skills:

  • Resist Fire. For pvp purposes. If you're using him on defence he can easily be nuked by Surt, this can reduce the damage taken by Ragnarok
  • Samarecarm/Recarmdra to bring back allies since your goal is to keep him alive as long as possible

Brands: Life ensures he survives as long as possible, though Divine can work too so that he can spam out War Cry as much as possible and two turn Samarecarm/Recarmdra skills.

Demon Information

One of the most OP demons in the game, hats off to you if you've obtained him. He has no weaknesses: Null Phys, Resist Light, Drains Dark (He can't be killed by Alice), the highest strength in the game and really high luck (meaning he can easily crit, have high innate ailment resistance and infliction) and a really powerful base kit. Vorpal Blade for phys aoe, Warlord's Wrath: Granting phys pierce, 100% phys counter and Intimidating Stance all in one passive and Occult Flash: Single target phys damage with 50% crit, 200 power and 100% kill rate. Yup even if you have Tetraja on your demon, odds are they'll die anyways from the heavy damage and crit (even has three uses). Since he's a intimidating stance user, it's best to pair him up with another stance user. I'd recommend Zhong Kui due to his Auto-Taruka having a huge benefit for the both of them.
One interesting thing is that counter can be prevented if the unit is bound (credit to itzmeAkA on Reddit). Against Masakado himself, you can then safeguard your phys units through bind (be wary of his high innate ailment resistance though).

Common Enduring Soul makes him harder to take down, great when stacked with Endure. Unobtainable
Aragami Myriad Arrows gives him a multi-hit skill to use, this would be useful for boss fights.
Auto-Rakunda would boost turn one damage/counter Auto-Rakuka. Pair him with Zhong Kui for 2x Intimidation and full damage buffing.
Protector Binge Eating allows him to dish out damage whilst at the same time heal himself. Great for longer fights where you need more sustain.
Auto-Sukunda would help in turn one accuracy for him and his team.
Psychic Phys Amp skyrockets his already damage due to his strength stat, combine this with Phys Boost for maximum power.
If you do pair him with Zhong Kui, Auto-Taruka could be replaced if you have Zhong Kui/Ananta/Huang Di/Fenrir with it. If you want to run him with Surt then you could leave it if you wish.
Elementalist Drain Phys when paired with Rama would prevent pierce phys sweeping (and getting one shotted by another Masakado).
Given he already counters phys hits with a 100% chance, phys units hitting him isn't so scary.
Even so this will allow him to heal off repelled damage, so you can intentionally Vorpal Blade into Alilat + Repel Phys unit to heal yourself back up.
Auto-Rakuka would add to your team's survability. Paired with double intimidation, you should have no issues surviving being outsped.

Recommended skills:

  • Endure/Enduring Soul. If he's alive and kicking, he'd remain a dangerous foe.
  • Phys Boost/Amp. Increasing his already high damage is always good.
  • Good/Great Aim. Worried about his accuracy? this can help boost it.
  • Null Charm/Hellish/Infernal Mask. A charmed Masakado can be deadly to your team.

Brands: Divine to two turn Vorpal Blade, Occult Flash. Life can ensure he stays alive and War if you want pure damage/use him for pve only.
For secondary, Ward should be gotten unless you run ailment resistance. If that's the case Aim can be good for accuracy, Shield/Guard for defenses.

Demon Information

Bayonetta from the Bayonetta series is a collaboration event character oriented towards criticals and charm. She has no elemental weaknesses, Mortal Jihad for single target phys attacks and two unique abilities (one passive, one active). Madama Stomp (Passive) activates whenever she lands a critical hit, comboing with an almighty attack that has a chance to inflict charm (can be levelled, adding ailment infliction % and critical %), whilst her second ability: Gomorrah (B) is a single target skill and as amazing as it sounds, has a three turn wait and one use, so it's best to save it up for bosses.
With quite low hp and vit stats she can fall quite easily, so its kill or be killed unless you pair her up with nice support units that buff/debuff, heal and revive. She can work amazingly with the standard Hell Biker + Zaou Gongen combo as with the guaranteed crit and pierce she can attack, activate her passive and pierce phys at the same time.

When it comes to her skills, here are the facts we know:

  • Madama Stomp: Only activates once per action regardless of the skill used. If a multi-hit skill or aoe crits multiple targets then out of the enemies hit by crits, the leftmost target will be hit by Stomp.
  • Madama Stomp: If she crits herself or an ally demon (provided she's charmed), it will activate on the leftmost opposing demon surprisingly.
  • Gomorrah (B): Will tick down whenever it is her turn. If she's dead then it won't tick down.

Common Unknown Unobtainable
Aragami Myriad Arrows gives her an amazing multi-hit phys skill for boss killing (if Gomorrah isn't enough).
Strength Amp III boosts her base strength, this is okay but can be replaced. If you want more phys damage then phys boost would do better.
(Biker/Rebellion setup)
Protector Sweet Bite allows her to charm with a fairly cheap phys attack.
She already comes with Mortal Jihad which is better for activating her passive as that would also do extra damage and charm.
Deadly Charm works well with her passive and Gomorrah (B), since both inflict charm any subsequent attacks she does to charmed foes will hit way harder.
Psychic Savage Glee is perfect for boosting her crit rate, leading to more Stomp activations.
You can always guarantee crits via the Might status, regardless more base crit never hurts for auto attacks.
Assassin helps boost up all of her single target damage, her phys skills and her almighty passive.
(Crit Oriented)
Elementalist Null Dark doesn't do much for her, she already resists it naturally.
Given she lacks an aoe Titanomachia covers this area and also comes with an added crit.
It's quite an expensive skill however so if you want a cheaper one, Megaton Press works for non-divine brands

Recommended skills:

  • Savage Glee/Bloody Glee. Boosted crit rates = more chances of Stomp being activated
  • Phys Boost/Amp. Increases damage done by Mortal Jihad and Gomorrah (B)
  • Endure/Enduring Soul. Pvp purposes, survive til turn 3 to use Gomorrah
  • Assassin/Master Assassin. Boosts all of her damage sources.
  • Good/Great Aim. If you're worried about her accuracy, this can help patch it up
  • Deadly Charm. Boost damage done to charmed foes. Since she'll be able to inflict it, enemies that survive/are charmed will be hit even harder
  • Phys Aoe. For sweeping, if you require pierce then you should run her with Hell Biker + Zaou-Gongen. Zaou by himself if you give her Rebellion as well.
  • Mana Aid. Pve purposes, pair this with a spammable phys aoe and a good crit rate and she can be an excellent farmer.

Brands: Divine if you want more ability spamming, War for more phys damage. Focus on Patk%, crit%, accuracy% and Matk% stats.
Be sure to have 8mp if you want to ensure Gomorrah (B) is used on auto, she may not be able to save up for it unless you run divine.

Demon Information

Collaboration event character, Jeanne from the Bayonetta series is built similarly as a mirror to Bayonetta, they both have the same stats and resistances, except St and Ma being flipped meaning Jeanne is naturally more magic focused. Jeanne is Bind oriented and can combo off Bayonetta's charm passive (and any charm source in general). Hades Blast gives her an innate phys aoe (though her strength stat is not that high), Madama Uppercut (passive) allows her to hit charmed foes with an almighty attack (also having a chance to bind them in the process, can be levelled to grant bonus ailment infliction % + evasion %) and Gomorrah (J) enables her to wipe once three turns is up, for sweeping as opposed to Bayonetta's version for boss killing.
She is also fairly squishy just like Bayo and instead would pair well with any charm inflicting demon such as Lakshmi, Man Eater and Mother Harlot. When Mother Harlot's passive activates, Jeanne's will too, leading to some bonus damage at the start of the battle (though it's limited to the leftmost demon if multiple are charmed). In pvp a lot of people use ward, Infernal/Hellish Mask and Null Charm so this is moreso for pve such as levelling quests and AG where it's possible to inflict charm on foes.

When it comes to her skills, here are the facts we know:

  • Madama Uppercut: Only activates once per action regardless of the skill used. If a multi-hit skill or aoe charms multiple targets then out of the enemies charmed, the leftmost target will be hit by Uppercut.
  • Madama Uppercut: Will be activated by Mother Harlot's Death Lust, Dionysus' Euphoric Frenzy
  • Gomorrah (J): Will tick down whenever it is her turn. If she's dead then it won't tick down.

Common Unknown Unobtainable
Aragami She gains a weaker version of Bayonetta ☆'s Myriad Arrows, Tempest Slash doesn't suit her that well as she's not really phys oriented with her base St stat.
Magic Amp III boosts her magic damage by a small degree. It's one way to increase Uppercut's damage and is moreso for min-maxing.
Protector Dark Sword grants her the ability to mute with phys attacks. Mute doesn't do much for her, let alone phys attacks.
Deadly Bondage like Bayonetta's Deadly Charm suits her. Since she can inflict bind really easily, her damage is boosted by this passive at most times.
Psychic Evade can stack up with her levelled passive to give her a total of 40% base evasion. She can be an amazing evasive mage, dodging attacks from dangerous demons like Huang Di, Masakado in pvp.
Assassin would only increase the damage of Madama Uppercut, Hades Blast and Gomorrah (J) won't be affected at all. It's replacable if you want something better.
Elementalist She resists it and so Null Light won't help much at all.
Megidola gives her a nice aoe spell to cast, though personally i'd rather give her Megido due to it being cheaper.

Recommended skills:

  • Deadly Charm. Activates her passive and so you're guaranteed to get the damage boost off charmed foes
  • Deadly Bondage. Inflicted by her passive, you're highly likely to be able to get the damage boost off this also
  • Endure/Enduring Soul. For pvp purposes.
  • Serial Killer/Butcher. Increases damage done by Hades Blast and Gomorrah (J). You'd want to run her as a aoe unit
  • Megido. I think she'd suit more as a magic unit than phys and so an Almighty aoe attack is always nice.

Brands: Divine if you have expensive stuff to spam, Spell if you want to go the magic route. Focus on Matk%, Patk%, Evasion% and Acc% if you feel like Gomorrah (J) misses too much for your liking.

5★ Fusable Demons

Demon Information

Highest grade demon with the unique skill Fire Of Sinai (FoS). FoS hits really hard with guaranteed 5 hits (+1 if you're using Eileen enabling you to activate her skills), and so quite amazing for boss killing. He comes naturally to boot with Infinite Chakra for extra mana so you would be able to spam tons of spells with him without needing divine brands. He's the hardest to fuse as the only combination to make him is Vishnu + Barong and for this reason i wouldn't fuse him away (regardless of his archetype, his base kit works wonders).

Common Enduring Soul increases his survivability, ensuring he lives means ensuring he can kill. You can easily stack this with Endure to make him really hard to kill.
This archetype is the hardest to obtain as you can't rely on gacha pulls to get components and must fuse from scratch (Unless you get lucky with Hell Buns).
Aragami Mahamadyne gives him an aoe to use (though is restricted to light). This is amazing for content such as Sloth 10 and Aura Gate. Usable
Protector Offensive Cry is a great offensive buff (granting Tarukaja and Rakunda), he can set up the damage buff leaving your other sweepers to then follow up, hitting as hard as possible.
Sadly this is only usable for manual play, due to him being Attack AI he'd never use it on auto
Psychic Mana Gain/Bonus is sadly a bad skill in general, there isn't really any reason to save up to 12 mp. Worst
Elementalist Given he has resist elec in general, Repel Elec for one upgrades it, but it doesn't really do much. The only case where this would help is when facing Thor with Elec Pierce.
Pair Metatron with Alilat and you can block elec sweeping. Its a pretty rare case and so it doesn't really warrant switching to Teal just for that purpose.

Recommended skills:

  • Endure, easily stacks with Enduring Soul further adding to his survival.
  • Megido/Megidola/Megidolaon. For aoe sweeping, you can then use FoS to clean up/for single targets. Go Megido if you do pvp and want a turn one aoe, Megidolaon for turn 2 start/pve in general.
  • Serial Killer/Butcher. Not only does it affect Aoe skills, it also affects Multi-Hit, so you can power up Fire of Sinai's damage considerably.

Brands: Spell/Divine, whichever you want.

Demon Information

Strongest almighty sweeper, ideally you'd want purple archetype (Butcher) to ensure he's as powerful as he can get. The reason for this is that he comes with the unique skill: Morning Star (MS). Given the fact it can be levelled as well it can reach really high numbers.

Common Vitality Amp III would increase his tankiness, but that is not his main role, he's best for damage. Worst
Aragami Mind Blast gives him a upgraded Mind Break for support. You could use it to drain dangerous sweepers of their mp, but why do that when you can sweep them instead with MS/Megidolaon. Worst
Protector You wouldn't really expect him to survive last/be a tank and so Recarmdra doesn't have much use. People would generally aim for him first, so its unlikely he'd survive to the point where he can use this Worst
Psychic Nothing else really beats Butcher. It is the only way to increase his sweeping damage due to Morning Star/Megidolaon being almighty. Best
Elementalist Drain Light would only be better if you manage to have gotten a Butcher skill genome. It covers his weakness allowing him to be healed instead (You'd want to cover his weakness anyways and so Resist Light would work regardless).
Personally if i ever got Butcher, i'd transfer it to another demon and have him as Purple (since the skill itself is really rare).

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Light. If not Teal to cover his weakness
  • Endure. Pvp mainly for extra survival.
  • Serial Killer to amp up his almighty damage.

Brands: Use Divine to ensure he can two turn Morning Star.

Demon Information

A Strong slow caster with the unique passive Avatar. This acts as an improved Enduring Soul + Life Aid combined into one (500 HP, 50% per wave. It's also levellable). He naturally also nulls light/dark and with his low agi and survival, he can be used in slower pvp teams + pve content such as Sloth 10, Aether farming.

Common Mudodyne is a good skill on him. It gives him more coverage so that he now has Ice, Light and Dark Usable
Aragami Megidolaon is the strongest obtainable almighty sweeping skill in the game. -1 MP goes a long way for this. Given his high magic, he'd also hit very hard with it. Best
Protector Landing him a more defensive role, War Dance grants your team a 5mp cost Rakukaja + Tarukaja.
Avatar would ensure he stays alive and War Dance would make your team take less damage and deal more.
Psychic Null Mute doesn't help him much, it will prevent his skills from being locked from mute. But when he's inflicted, you could always keep passing until its gone or just cure it (Mute isn't as dangerous as Charm/Bind) Worst
Elementalist As he naturally nulls dark, Repel Dark doesn't add much. It's an upgrade sure, but the only main use it has is if you pair him with Alilat (it'll prevent him from being swept by Black Frost's: Go To Hell!). Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Fire. Covering weakness is always nice
  • Endure/Enduring Soul. If you get these two together, he'd essentially survive 3 extra hits. Though that means enemies would focus fire fire on him.

Brands: Divine for Aragami, Life/Spell works for Protector

Demon Information

Strong phys unit built towards aoe, he comes with a unique skill Pralaya (aoe almighty damage based on his strength stat (Levellable with -2 mp cost, effectively reducing its cost down to 6)). He comes with Vorpal Blade and Serial Killer, a weaker version of Butcher but goes well with his two aoe skills.

Common Null Charm is decent on him due to rampant use of charm in pvp. With this you can drop Ward brands if you wish, he can still be inflicted by other ailments though. Usable
Aragami God's Hand is a really powerful single target skill to use in cases where you can't sweep and want to set your sights onto a single demon (his main focus is still aoe anyways). Usable
Protector Rebellion isn't that great unless you really want to run him with Zaou Gongen (and don't have Hell Biker). Regardless you can instead use Pralaya on the cases where phys pierce doesn't work anyhows. Worst
Psychic He has a decent agi stat so Evade can complement it. He comes with Resist Phys anyways so if he is hit by a standard phys attack he won't take much damage. This passive can come in handy when it comes to facing phys pierce demons like Mara, Huang Di or a Hell Biker/Zaou Gongen team. Usable
Elementalist Drain Ice covers his weakness and gives him drain fire, ice and elec. He'd be healed up by 3 elements which is quite amazing (This would go best with Rama).
In covering his weakness you are then free to customize two slots.

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Ice. If you don't get Teal.
  • Phys Boost. To increase phys damage
  • Bloody/Savage Glee. To increase phys crit chances
  • Endure. For survival
  • Butcher. Stacks with Serial Killer for Pralaya/Vorpal Blade damage boosting

Brands: War if you don't mind waiting for mp to regen otherwise Divine.

Demon Information

Magic oriented demon (even though he has both equal magic and strength). Has the unique skill Soul Judgement (multiple hits, light) which makes him a really good demon for Sloth 10, Megidolaon for general sweeping and Life Aid for healing in between waves making him an effective pve demon.

Common Endure helps with his survivability. Purple would be better though as you can just transfer this skill (and it's relatively cheap). Worst
Aragami Thunderclap gives him a powerful single target light skill. In pvp this can be really useful for demons such as Hecatoncheires or in Black Frost Kiwami Usable
Protector Mediarahan can make him an effective healer due to his high magic (only for manual play because his AI is Attack type he will never use it on auto) Usable
Psychic Infernal Mask increases his ailment resistance. He has pretty low luck so it can patch up his resistance to ailments. I wouldn't recommend him as a ailment clearer though (Kinmamon/Yellow Persephone is better for that role). Usable
Elementalist Repel Dark covers his weakness and when paired with Alilat you can ignore Black Frost's Go To Hell skill. This saves you a slot in transfering resist dark and gives him immunity to 4 elements in total. Best

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Dark. If not Teal to cover his weakness.
  • Light Boost/Amp. To increase Soul Judgement's damage
  • Mana Aid. He's an excellent Sloth 10 farmer, Mana Aid further improves his efficiency allowing Soul Judgement spams at the start of every wave
  • Serial Killer/Butcher. To increase both Soul Judgement and Megidolaon's damage

Brands: Divine if you want two turn Megidolaon or Mediarahan as Yellow, Spell for Soul Judgement spam.

Demon Information

Strong phys unit with a unique skill Hell Thrust (Gee i wonder why its called that), doing multiple hits and having a chance to charm enemies on hit. Naturally Mara has amazing strength and luck but is quite squishy so he can fall pretty easily. He's the only fusable demon in the game with Phys Pierce (Huang Di has it too but is gacha only) and so like the other pierce users in the game, Purple is his best archetype. He also comes with Null Bind (meh) and Titanomachia for sweeping.

Common Megaton Raid gives him a single target skill i guess. Even so go for Purple. Worst
Aragami Mara is a physical unit so Soul Drain won't do much at all. Regardless so go for Purple. Worst
Protector Charge can be transfered and even with the -1 mp cost, it doesn't warrant being better than Purple Worst
Psychic Phys Pierce means enemies cannot resist the might of Mara (Pierce just blows out all other archetypes out of the water). Best
Elementalist Null Ice would cover his weakness, but then he wouldn't be able to pierce, it wouldn't be worth that cost. Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Ice. To give him protection.
  • Phys Boost. So he can hit harder... faster... stronger... better.

Brands: Divine/Ward. Both Hell Thrust and Titanomachia costs 7 mp, so you can't two turn them with War. Though if you don't mind waiting, then War would strengthen his damage further.

Demon Information

A really strong magical demon with good survivability as well. She utilizes the unique skill Yomotsu Okami which, as long as she's alive Elec and Dark attacks do 10% more damage for all party members. This means she's useful for setups with demons such as Purple Thor (Elec pierce) and Black Frost (Go To Hell! has dark pierce attached to it). Even without them, she herself comes with Bolt Storm and Merciless blow meaning if you face a elec weak demon they'd get fried to a crisp.

Common Life Surge increases her tankiness, though this'll be the hardest to get unless you're in luck with hell buns or have tons of mag to fuse clear 5★ demons. Usable
Aragami Hell Gaze goes well with her unique passive and is quite powerful too, 180 power with -1 mp cost will hit hard. Usable
Protector Concentrate would pair up well with a single target skill (given she doesn't pierce). Usable
Psychic Elec Amp boosts her elec damage even further. You would either stack this with Elec Boost + cover her weakness or cover her weakness and go with another skill Usable
Elementalist Repel Ice would go well with Alilat to prevent Purple Rama from piercing your team. She naturally has Null Ice however so this is not that great. Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Fire. To cover her weakness
  • Elec Boost. Goes well with Elec Amp, though if you take resist as well you'd be conjuring Bolt Storms all day and night.
  • Dark skill. To take advantage of her passive
  • Dark boost. Pair with Red or a dark skill if you don't want to cover her weakness.

Brands: Spell is fine since Bolt Storm doesn't cost much. For Aragami, Hell Gaze will cost 6mp, go with Divine if you want to use it off the bat in pvp. Life is also good since she's quite bulky.

Demon Information

Arguably the best support demon in the game with resistance to all elements (minus dark, phys), Null Light + high stats (minus strength). His main use is Five Elements (5E) which is an improved version of Makarakarn, reflecting all spells including Almighty meaning only pierce skills/phys attacks can be used. Regardless of the archetype, i would recommend getting him as 5 Elements will make any content way easier. 5 Elements can be countered via Makara Break or Silent Prayer to remove it.

Common Life Aid doesn't help him that much. Given his innate survivability you wouldn't really expect this to do much. Worst
Aragami Energy Drain gives him a single target attack. He's meant to be used for spamming 5E so this may throw a wrench in his ability to continuously spam it (given it has the same mp cost due to being an awakening skill). The most effective way to build him is for support not damage. Worst
Protector Luster Candy allows him to buff your party to boost all stats, what's not to love about that? This can however cause small issues in autoing as he'd likely use this over 5 elements, but in manual play is really amazing, extending his support kit to buffs as well. If you have Amaterasu, he doesn't really need this. Usable
Psychic Speedster with his naturally high speed, this would allow your team to reach really high battle speed numbers, ensuring you act first. In pve content its always a good idea for your team to go first and so he helps in this regard greatly. Speedster can be transfered however so you can go with another archetype if you wish (you'd save a fair amount of mag when going with this one, unless you're lucky enough to pull Speedster). Best
Elementalist Null Dark means he resists all elements and would be immune to Light and Dark. He can then block Alice, White Rider from one shotting him and naturally would also prevent Ixtab's instant kill (due to 5E). In Deceit 10, when 5E isn't casted he can make Metatron lose turns quite easily Best

Recommended skills:

  • Endure. For pvp and survival
  • Samarecarm. Gives you more support utility
  • Barrier Break. Combine this with a Speedster HL for turn one ailment teams. On his subsequent turns he'd then spam 5E for survival.
  • Speedster. If not Purple and you'd like the skill anyways its still a valid choice on him. A fair investment though as it is 10 skill points and requires you to fuse Kama (or if you're lucky have a Teal pulled Rakshasha).
  • Null Phys. If you're going for the Teal Route, this can further bolster him for pve content and be a surprise for pvp.
  • Dodge/Evade. You should build him for evasion, this just further enhances it. 5E to ignore magic and evasion to avoid physical.

Brands: Divine, you'd want to always have 5E up.

Demon Information

One of the key pieces in the Rebellion + Pierce combo (Pair him with Hell Biker and let them go ham). This is due to his unique skill Kongo Zaou which enables demons with Rebellion (Might effect) to also have pierce attached to their phys attacks/skills.

Common Enduring Soul increases his survivability but doesn't help that much in this case. The main goal with him is to stack up damage to hopefully one shot pve waves/one turn pvp teams. Worst
Aragami Herculean Strike is perfect for when you have Hell Biker with you, gives you a spammable phys sweeping skill to use. Best
(With Hell Biker)
Protector Rebellion allows you to take advantage of his passive without Hell Biker, so he himself can still be a really effective phys demon. Best
(Without Hell Biker)
Psychic He has okay magic so you can technically build him with spells in mind, Fire Amp would boost his Maragidyne damage up. But given there aren't that many fire weak demons (+ a fair amount of fire immune ones), this isn't that good. Worst
Elementalist Drain Phys is good if you have Rama, however his best friend is Hell Biker and a phys oriented crew to go alongside him. Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Elec to cover his weakness
  • Phys Aoe skill if not red.

Brands: War/Divine. Divine would allow you to two turn God's Hand and enables transfering more expensive phys aoe skills (If Yellow)

Demon Information

Really good defensive demon to use, helping immensely vs piercing units (such as those that can be seen in AG). This is because of her unique skill Repel Pierce, ignoring the pierce effect on units that repel the attribute. She is easy/cheap to fuse, has no weaknesses and really high luck + Infernal Mask meaning she can inflict ailments quite well and be unlikely to be inflicted herself. Due to this you have a lot of freedom in picking how you want to build her, whether a debuffer, ailment caster, or even a healer role from what i've seen.

Common Diarahan for single target healing.
This is her only archetype so you're stuck with this anyways.
Aragami She's support type so in rare cases Soul Drain could be used. You'd want to build her towards support rather than damage anyways. Unobtainable
Protector Mediarama gives her usable aoe healing (a step up from Diarahan i'd say). With this archetype you can easily build her as a healer. Unobtainable
Psychic Mana Gain doesn't help much and isn't that good of a skill in general Unobtainable
Elementalist Null Phys would be useful for pve content, making her immune to phys attacks means she'd less likely be targeted and be more of a thorn in the enemy's side. Naturally she'd be able to block phys units such as: Seth, Siegfried, Zhong Kui, Nergal, Shiva, Ose from the top of my head. Unobtainable

Recommended skills:

  • Samarecarm. For added support.
  • Recarmdra. To surprise people in pvp and give your team a second fighting chance (Run divine in order to be able to use it).
  • Aoe ailment skills except for curse and weak. Charm all, Bind all, Mute all are all valid (This is for pvp)
  • War Cry/Fog Breath/Acid Breath, she can act as a tanky debuffer.

Brands: Divine for ailments or Life for general survival. Aim for HP%, or ailment % if you're using Ailment skills. PDEF % is also valid against phys pierce when you're fighting against Hell Biker teams.

Demon Information

Demon with the highest magic stat in the game. She also comes with a unique skill Lotus dance (60% chance to charm all enemies), given her high luck stat she's almost guaranteed to inflict charm on the enemy team and so can be built as magic damage or ailment slinger.

Common Mana Gain gives her more mp. Not useful at all sadly. Worst
Aragami Killing Wind gives her a single target force skill, its okay but more coverage is always better. On the plus side you can single out enemies with it. Usable
Protector Defensive Cry (Tarunda + Rakukaja), gives her more of a support utility. It's an amazing defensive buff for keeping your team alive. Usable
Psychic Insanity is another good choice in increasing her already really high ailment chance if you want to maximise it (perhaps you could even charm a certain rock) Best
Elementalist Null Force will cover her weakness, giving you freedom in customizing the two skill slots. Best

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Force. if not Teal.
  • Megido. To take advantage of her really high magic stat. Megidola/Megidolaon would be if you use Divine brands
  • Madness/Insanity. If you really want guaranteed ailment infliction then you can transfer these too (though i think it may be a bit overkill). It would help against high luck demons like Zhong Kui, Dionysus, Alilat if its crucial that they are to be inflicted.
  • Single target Ice. The main counter to ailments is Kinmamon and some people choose not to cover his weakness, if you could deal enough damage you could lock down their ailment clearer.

Brands: Divine to ensure turn one charms + if you do go with an aoe almighty skill, the ability to spam it. Life for Yellow if you want her to be more defensive. Sick brands are also good for a more slow but higher odds approach.

Demon Information

Another 5★ unit with access to Infinite Chakra. Naturally he also has pretty high stats (excluding strength), repels light and dark but has a elec weakness. He comes with Salvation (same heal amount as Mediarama + prayer effect attached to it, 3 uses), Mana Aid meaning he'd be a really effective pve demon and God's Malice a unique skill which can cause a myriad of ailments to a single target.

Common Samael isn't meant to be a phys unit and so Death Counter wouldn't help him much. Worst
Aragami Purgatory gives him a multi-hit dark skill, given his best Archetype is purple, this doesn't really compare to it. Worst
Protector Tetrakarn is not that great on him. If you really wanted this on him you can just go purple and obtain it from Azrael, the +1 mp gain would offset the non-awakened mp cost. Worst
Psychic Infinite Chakra grants +1 mp regen and allows you to run him without divine brands. With divine brands you can spam out skills really easily and two turn Salvation. Best
Elementalist He's weak to elec not fire and so Null Fire won't do much for him Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Elec to cover weakness
  • Megido/Megidola/Megidolaon. Taking advantage of his high magic stat and his large mp regen too you can use this for sweeping and God's Malice to lock targets down.
  • High MP cost skills that you want to use on a support.

Brands: Divine to get 5mp regen or Spell maximising damage, Life making him beefy

Demon Information

Second highest ATK in the game (losing out to an angry red man), coming with Debilitate (All debuffs in one), Zandyne and his unique skill Ouas (really high single target phys damage, excellent crit rate, with an added 40% healing based on damage done). He's built to be a single target sniping unit.

Common Titanomachia with its added crit chance and accuracy upon levelling, can be a good sweeping skill for him if you don't want Hades Blast. Given it gets the -1mp cost treatment it'd cost the same. Usable
Aragami Bleeder lands him more of a support phys role. If he's at max hp and you feel that the enemy is close to using a dangerous skill, -2 mp from this could help you swing the tides in your favour (or to keep applying pressure). Note that this is weaker than Ouas and doesn't get the added crit bonus too, but is cheaper to use. Usable
Protector Nocturne can add more support to him. Debilitate + Nocturne would ensure you have the most defensive advantage shifted to you. He is attack AI however and so won't use this on auto, only good for manual play. Usable
Psychic Force Amp would boost his Zandyne damage, but he isn't meant to be a caster (due to his number two ranking in strength). Worst
Elementalist Resist Fire covers his weakness to fire, giving you freedom of customization. Best

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Fire if not covered by Teal.
  • Phys Boost. Increase his damage further
  • Aoe skill. Good for pve but not that good in pvp (unless you run HB/ZG with him)
  • Bloody/Savage Glee. More added crit is nice, Ouas can become even deadlier against high luck opponents
  • Good/Great Aim. If you feel he has accuracy issues, this can help patch it up.

Brands: Divine allows casting Debilitate and Nocturne easily and spamming Ouas more often for pvp. In pve, war and life work just as well.

Demon Information

One of the worst 5★ demons in game (Sharing that title with Lilith), due to having two weaknesses, a lackluster skillset, pretty bad archetypes and mediocre HP/Vit (He has good Agi/Luck at least). Mazionga, Bolt Storm won't do much damage with his low magic and so his unique skill Barong Dance (Aoe healing, same power as Mediarama + buff all effect) is what he has going for him, it sadly though it's restricted to 3 uses.

Common Endure is quite bad on him since you want to cover his weaknesses and so he'll be stuck with his dance, elec skills and nothing else extra. Worst
Aragami His magic stat is too low to take advantage of Thunder Reign. It doesn't help that he already has two elec skills as well. Worst
Protector Recarmdra could be good as an emergency revive, use Barong dance for buff and recarmdra when your team has fallen Usable
Psychic Elec Amp could help if he had higher magic, but given the case his elec skills would be doing low damage even with it. Worst
Elementalist Null Dark covers one of his weaknesses. Cover his force weakness and you at least get one slot to run whatever you like. Best

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Force. Cover his second weakness
  • Resist Dark. If Yellow.
  • Ailment aoe skill. Takes advantage of his luck stat which is pretty high
  • Samarecarm. Added revive to his lackluster support kit.

Brands: Divine so he can two turn cast Barong Dance. Life can ensure he's more bulky

Demon Information

Ananta's main use is seen in pvp due to his auto buffs: Auto Sukuka, Rakuka, (and Taruka when purple). He has Amazing stats: high health, vitality, agility meaning he'd be good at tanking. Also is immune to ice, elec and light which is pretty cool (weak to force). He is the only 5★ in the game without a unique skill, given his use this is fine anyways.

Common He's not meant to be a caster and so Holy Wrath won't do much on him.
He has pretty good magic however so you can go that route if you want. Holy Wrath isn't that good though.
Aragami Mabufudyne gives him a aoe ice skill, but he's moreso suited for support. He'd be stopped in his tracks if there is a ndr ice demon. Worst
Protector He has pretty low luck so won't be able to take advantage of Mahapoismaon much. Even so poison is not that good of an ailment. Worst
Psychic Auto-Taruka ensures all 3 auto-buffs come from him and you wouldn't need another demon for for auto-taruka. Best
Elementalist He already nulls ice so Drain Ice wouldn't really do much. It can be used to counter Purple Rama if you pair him with a Rama, but that's a niche use anyways. Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Force to cover weakness
  • Acid Breath/War Cry/Fog Breath. You can then ensure you got all buffs and debuffs up to swing the tables early onto your side.
  • Barrier break. If you don't feel like running a double debuff/have it already covered. Though after barriers are gone, he'd just spam attack and heal.

Brands: Life or Divine. You wan't him to be as tanky as possible and survive. Divine to spam double debuffs, Life for more hp in general.

Demon Information

The only source of Fire Pierce, but not that good of a demon as a fire weakness isn't that prevalent. He's mainly seen either with a purple archetype for Fire Pierce or Clear for Intimidating Stance. He comes with a unique skill Ragnarok which is another single target sniping skill (getting 20% damage based on Phys Attack). It will take a lot of investment, but you can get Ragnarok to rain down the norse apocalypse on enemies (It's one of the most powerful skills in the game, 215 base power). With brands prioritized towards Matk %, Phys% secondaries, a maxed out Ragnarok (5 Kasanes required), you can reach pretty high numbers with him.

Common Intimidating Stance is for pvp mainly, removes a press turn if your opponent goes first. He is generally paired with Zhong Kui (In levelling quests if you run 2x intimidating stance, you'd always act first). Best
Aragami His magic is too poor to run other spells, Maragidyne included. You'd want pierce anyways Worst
Protector Goodbye Lydia Surt, hello Rattle Surt. This is still terrible on him as it has low base power, is too expensive and sukunda wouldn't even help him much given you want to spam ragnarok, Worst
Psychic Fire Pierce enables you to choose any target you like to hurl Ragnarok at. Best
Elementalist Null Ice can cover his weakness yup, but like the case for Mara, Pierce (or intimidating stance) is too good to pass up. Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Ice. To cover weakness
  • Endure. Can work for pvp survival
  • Fire Boost. If you want Ragnarok to be stronger

Brands: Divine and MATK% if you want to spam Ragnarok with Purple or War/Life and PATK% for Berserker God damage with Clear.

Demon Information

Quite tanky, has high strength and if purple is our Elec Pierce unit making him able to be built towards phys or magic. He comes with a unique skill Mjolnir hitting 4-5 times with elec damage. Pair him up with Eileen to take advantage of her bonuses. He also has quite nice resistances, resisting phys and light, nulls fire and drains elec. Though on auto he'd attempt to charge a lot so he's better for manual play.

Common He gets Maziodyne added to his kit, even so Purple is the way to go for our hammer bro. Worst
Aragami If you really don't care about elec pierce, he can be a effective phys unit. Gigantomachia is the strongest phys sweeping skill in the game and so -1 mp for it can be really good. His stat spread helps a lot with its damage as well. Usable
Protector Rebellion isn't that great on him since he already comes with charge. Worst
Psychic Elec Pierce enables him to rain down lighting to anyone and everyone who doesn't bring along Alilat/Rama. Mjolnir hits really hard and against bosses can strike them down swiftly. Best
Elementalist He already nulls fire and so Repel Fire is for the sole purpose of countering Surt (run him with Alilat). Not many people use Surt anyways and so this archetype doesn't serve much use. Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Force. To cover his weakness.
  • Elec Boost. To boost mjolnir damage
  • Phys Boost. If you're running Red

Brands: Divine (focus on MATK% for purple, PATK% for red) so that he can spam Mjolnir/Gigantomachia.

Demon Information

One of the tankiest healers in the game with high magic, hp and vitality stats. She however comes with two weaknesses and so you'd need to invest a fair amount to cover it. She has Mediarama for party healing, maragion and a unique skill Mother's Creation which is essentially Samarecarm + Lydia combined into one.

Common Sea of Chaos could be useful on her since you're building her Matk% up for greater healing. It'd act as a good offensive skill as it'll damage and reduce enemy defenses. Usable
Aragami She already has Maragion and so Trisagion wouldn't add to coverage, you can selectively choose your targets now at least. Worst
Protector Silent Prayer allows her to cure ailments/remove shields, barriers, etc. This skill would be most effective on units who are speedy and act first. Asherah is slow and so if your entire team is ailment stricken and you're relying on her to cure it, they would've wasted turns before she could cure them. Worst
Psychic Recovery Amp boosts her healing even further. But then the other slots should be used for covering weaknesses meaning no extra skills to add. You'd get this if you want her to be focused purely on healing. Usable
Elementalist Repel Ice covers one weakness, giving you the ability to customize the last remaining slot. Best

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Dark
  • Resist Ice. If not teal.
  • Samarecarm. If Teal to give her another revive skill.

Brands: Divine is mandatory to ensure you can two turn heal.

Demon Information

High magic and is oriented towards light, making him very useful in Sloth 10 farming. He comes Judgement Light, binding cry and the unique skill Trial Of Hate: an aoe light attack that applies random debuff only when the attack successfully hits all targets. As he repels force and light he naturally goes well with Alilat, get a Teal Mastema and you can additionally repel ice, preventing ice pierce. Mastema also has naturally high luck and so has lesser chances of receiving crits and can be a ailment caster if you wish to use him that way.

Common Mana Gain doesn't help much. It's not recommended going with this archetype. Worst
Aragami He gains Ice Age which can help with his coverage, 180 power with the same cost as Bufudyne. Usable
Protector Though i did say he can be used as an ailment caster, a single target Makajamaon won't be able to do much. If you want to run ailments, go with aoe ones instead. Worst
Psychic Light Amp further strengthens his kit, amplifying the intensity of his Trial of Hate and Judgement Light. Best
Elementalist Repel Ice gives him another element that he can reflect, though the only ice pierce unit in the game is Purple Rama, so its quite a niche use. Usable

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Fire. To cover his weakness
  • Megido. If you plan to use him outside of Sloth 10 and want more coverage
  • Single Target Element (besides light) can help with coverage too.
  • Light Boost. If you want to only use him in Sloth 10 or in fights where the enemy isn't immune to light.

Brands: Divine, means more journeys into the Trial of Hate. You can also turn one cast it if you max it out.

Demon Information

One of the best buffers due to her unique skill Tenson Kourin (TK), it has the same effect as Luster Candy but casts Dekunda beforehand so you'd always have 3 buffs on you whenever you cast it. Naturally she repels fire and resists light (weak to elec), comes with Maragion, Tarunda also has really high magic for healing and magic damage. You could build her as a buffer + healer (Yellow) or buffer + whatever you like (Teal).

Common Auto-Sukuka can work okay on her, but Tenson-Kourin would be your goto source for buffing/clearing debuffs anyways. Usable
Aragami Trisagion gives her a single target fire skill, she already has Maragion so if you do want to use her as a caster it'd be better getting another spell for coverage. Worst
Protector Mediarahan is a very good healing skill and is only usable with the reduced MP cost (8). This makes her a really good support/healing unit, though on auto the AI can be quite funky in making decisions with her. Best
Psychic Magic Amp III increases her base magic for min maxing. She has better archetypes to use, but you can run this if you want a spell oriented Amaterasu. Usable
Elementalist Null Elec covers her weakness, allowing you to mold her into another role, since you'd have two slots to customize. Usable

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Elec. If not Teal to cover weakness
  • Samarecarm for more support
  • Megido/Megidola/Megidolaon. Can be a damaging spell to take advantage of her magic
  • Any other magic element

Brands: Divine for two turn Tenson Kourin casts and Mediarahan when Yellow.

Demon Information

Second strongest caster in the game with Mahamaon, Diarahan and her unique skill Mesopotamian Star: almighty aoe casting Tarukaja and Tarunda when it lands. She's mainly used for a sweeping Jack Bros team in pvp with Yellow Archetype but can also be used in Sloth 10 due to having Mahamaon. She comes with two weaknesses however so there isn't that much customization available, in her case its not really needed as Mesopotamian Star should be more then enough.

Common Samarecarm gives her a revival skill. This is really easy to transfer (through Isis) and even so she's better suited for damage rather than support/healer. Worst
Aragami Thunderclap gives her a Hecatoncheires slaying skill (plus for Sloth 10 too). If you don't want to use her in a Jack Bros team this is an okay route to take since Mesopotamian Star handles coverage. Usable
Protector Concentrate allows her to work with Templar Dragon + Jack Bros strategies to nuke. When she does nuke the tarunda effect would help mitigate counter attack damage (in the case you don't finish them off). Best
Psychic Tetraka Shift used to be great in pvp but due to the rise of phys pierce its not prevalent anymore.
There's also the fact she's not really meant to be a defensive demon, being squishy she can fall easily and with healing ai she'd prioritize diarahan over dealing damage.
Elementalist Null Force covers a weakness and gives you the freedom to customize another skill slot. If you're planning to transfer concentrate, yellow would still be better because of the -1mp cost it entails Usable

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Dark. To cover her weakness
  • Resist Force. If not teal
  • Whatever you like if Teal, her base kit is technically good enough. You can go Endure for survival or another element as well if you wish.

Brands: Divine for maximising mp regen (Mesopotamian Star is quite expensive). Spell can work for general pve.

Demon Information

Single target sniper with really high strength but all round mediocre stats as his kit contains Assassin (+10% bonus damage for single target skills), Mortal Jihad and Kusanagi. Kusanagi being his unique skill is fully boosted by Phys ATK and when it lands (single target force) casts Tarukaja. This means most of the time you'd have a damage buff active.

Common Strength Amp III will further boost his damage for min-maxing. Boosting strength will increase Kusanagi damage as well as Mortal Jihad for enemies immune to force.
Given his other archetypes aren't that great, this is the best route to take with him for maximising damage.
Aragami Bleeder gives him more of a support skill. Even so its generally better to use Kusanagi and Mortal Jihad when required. The extra crit and accuracy on Mortal Jihad can mean the death of enemies, as well as the Tarukaja effect on Kusanagi. Worst
Protector Charge would ramp up his Mortal Jihad damage, but his main appeal is in Kusanagi, this isn't really needed for him Worst
Psychic In pvp everyone covers their force weakness due to him and Cu Chulainn existing. Merciless Blow would be beneficial for small cases in pve where the enemy is weak to force but for the most part force is generally covered. Worst
Elementalist Drain Elec, when paired with Rama, allows him to stop Cu Chulainn and Thor in their tracks as their pierce will have no effect on him. Both Thor and Cu isn't seen much on defense teams and regardless you'd have to cover his fire weakness. Usable

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Fire. To cover weakness
  • Force boost. Increasing Kusanagi damage further

Brands: Divine to ensure you can first turn Kusanagi/Mortal Jihad in pvp and spam it more in general. Though War will increase his damage way more for pve, Life if you want survability.

Demon Information

Dark sweeper the unique skill Go To Hell! (GTH), dark aoe with 80% curse effect (that also pierces). He comes with a unique Jaki trait passive Curse Of Anguish which reduces damage taken and increases damage towards cursed enemies. He also has Mabufudyne for ice sweeping too (but his main focus should be dark in all honesty).

Common Maragion increases his coverage for the case where there is Alilat/Rama + a Repel/Drain dark unit Usable
Aragami Hell Gaze isn't that great on him due to being another dark skill (this time lacking pierce). GTH would generally be better due to the attached curse effect on it too. Worst
Protector Concentrate allows him to charge up to do damage making him another possible demon to run on Jack Bros teams. Best
Psychic Ice Amp would boost his Mabufudyne damage greatly, this can be useful for when you can't use GTH though that should be a rarity. Usable
Elementalist He naturally resists fire and so Null Fire won't do much for him. Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Light to cover weakness
  • Dark Boost to strengthen GTH.
  • Deadly curse could also work, but it's reliant on the enemy being cursed in the first place so you'd need to set it up with another demon or just use GTH, on subsequent casts it would be stronger.

Brands: Divine so he can spam his skills since it costs 7mp for Mabufudyne/GTH.

Demon Information

Recommended sweeper and first 5★ demon to fuse in the game. With Force Pierce (Purple only) and Mazandyne he can sweep any pve content like crazy. He also has no weaknesses so you get to mix and match a variety of skills. His main weakness however is his low agi and luck, meaning he can be critted quite easily and won't dodge much physical hits.

Common Rebellion isn't that good for him as he should be built as a spellcaster as Purple. Worst
Aragami Killing Wind gives him a single target force skill, without pierce though this wouldn't do that much. Worst
Protector Since he falls quite easily Recarmdra is a joke on him, its meant for more tanky units. Worst
Psychic Force Pierce allows him to ignore resists with his Mazandyne. Pierce is always amazing. Best
Elementalist Repel Dark won't do much for him. He doesn't have any weakness and so he doesn't need the dark repel. Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Force Boost. To increase his damage further
  • Force Amp. If you got lucky and got it in the skill genome
  • Endure. For pvp if you want survival
  • Mazan. To finish off enemies/enables first turn aoe cast in pvp
  • Zanma L. If you want a single target skill on him (Though this'll lock him into just casting it for pve though, he'd never save up for Mazandyne)

Brands: Divine or Spell is valid. Divine allows him to two turn Mazandyne and spam magic more in general.

Demon Information

Demon that can be built to be tanky due to his resistances (He resists all except for ice and elec and is weak to dark, Teal gives him Repel Phys). His base kit consists of Maragidyne, Mazandyne and Ce Actls' Return (unique skill). It acts in the same manner as Recarmdra except its user doesn't die. This is coded to behave like Samarecarm so Quetz will try to cast it as soon as he sees at least one ally dead (so you can take advantage of the AI in that regard). Mainly used for pvp and when paired with Alilat (when Teal) he can stop phys sweepers from taking down your team and bring them back to life when they fall too.

Common Poison isn't that dangerous of an ailment and so Null Poison won't help at all Worst
Aragami Given he's a Attack AI demon Mahamadyne would give him more coverage (he'd then have 3 elements). This would be good for Aura Gate farming, but Teal is always preferable for pvp. Usable
Protector Concentrate would be a strange choice on him. Sure you can use him as a caster, but he doesn't have any unique skills to take advantage of concentrate (don't think i've ever seen anyone run him with this). Usable
Psychic Auto-Tarunda can be viable for him if you intend to run him as a dodge build. This is heavily rng though as enemies can stack accuracy % and land aoes on your team. You'd need a lot more investment compared to Teal. Usable
Elementalist Repel Phys allows him to deal with pesky Phys units, when paired with Alilat. It also makes him really hard to kill in pve content. Best

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Dark. Cover that weakness
  • Samarecarm. Gives you another resurrection shot.
  • Endure. Gives him more survival as if your team is swept, he can survive and bring everyone else back.
  • Mind Break. He'd annoy people by draining their mp though i'm not sure whether he'd even try to save up for Ce Actls' for this case.

Brands: Life, He needs to be tanky and ideally the last demon to fall, so that he'd bring back everyone else. Divine can work too to ensure two turn Ce Actls' casts.

Demon Information

Speediest demon in the game and really squishy. He has high luck and magic meaning he's built for evasion and turn one kill pvp teams. Repelling Fire and Nulling Force means he'd be really useful in Vanity 10 where the final boss there is Quetzalcoatl with Mazandyne and Maragidyne. Naturally he also comes with Auto-Rakunda and Vanaha (+15% evasion, +30% ailment resistance) further solidifying those points before. Given the ailment resistance boost he'd have low chances of being affected by ailments. Garuda in pvp can be used to help face against Hell Biker defense teams, with the highest agility in game + the bonus to evasion, he should be able to easily dodge phys attacks. Take Yellow for Fog Breath and somehow get sukukaja onto your team to ensure you won't get hit.

Common Magic Amp III increases his damage, this is good but Purple's Berserker increases it way more Usable
Aragami Maragidyne gives him a fire aoe to use alongside Zandyne. Usable
Protector Fog Breath is good for increasing evasion against the more phys inclined teams. This reduces the chances of you being hit and damage dealt by dangerous phys demons such as Huang Di, Mara, Siegfried, etc and at the same time increases hit chances of your own demons. Best
Psychic Berserker gives +10% damage, +20% taken. He's going to die anyways so might as well boost his damage? You'd be aiming for sweeps. Best
Elementalist Null Light would make him immune to 3 elements, naturally he resists light and dies quite easily anyways. Worst

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Ice. Optional, on the one hand covering his weakness would prevent opponents from getting extra turns, on the other he'll die anyways so at least they'd only get one extra turn.
  • Megido for sweeping
  • Magic aoe for sweeping, i think Megido would work best for coverage

Brands: Divine since we want to be sweeping as quickly as possible. This will allow you to turn 1 Megido in pvp. Go for Spell Type if you wanna use him for Vanity 10 (you can then go with Mamudo). Building evasion is another way to go as aforementioned.

Demon Information

Along with Barong she's another 5★ which is not so good. She has two weaknesses meaning you'd need to cover them (and she'd be costly to invest into). She comes with a unique skill Allure that does dark damage to all and has a 35% chance to charm, this would be pretty good if only there weren't so many enemies immune to dark. Her pretty high luck means the charm would probably stick if enemies are hit, but with such a low base chance it doesn't help that much.

Common Insanity can be used to boost Allure's charm chance. Usable
Aragami Mind Break is a easily transferable skill that can only be gotten from gacha though.
She's the only demon in the game with access to a -1mp Mind Break currently. It wouldn't have much use in pve and for pvp sadly due to her frail nature though it is possible to build her as a support with hp% and divine brands so she can spam it every turn.
Protector Samarecarm gives her a cheaper revive, Samarecarm is easily transferable anyways. -1 mp doesn't really do much for it as you'd still need Divine brands to two turn it. Bad
Psychic Luck Amp III increases her luck, adding increased crit chance, ailment resistance, infliction, accuracy, dodge and reducing chances of crits taken in turn. Usable
Elementalist Null Light covers one of her weaknesses leaving you free reign over the final slot (provided you also cover force weakness). Best

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Force. To cover her weakness
  • Resist Light. If not Teal.
  • Megido. For coverage
  • Dark boost. More allure damage

Brands: Spell/Life. Allure isn't that costly at all which is nice (6 mp cost), you can opt for Divine if you want more spamming.

3/4★ Gacha Demons

Demon Information

Strong phys unit pairing well with Nergal. He is poison oriented with Deadly Poison, Hades Blast for aoe and his unique passive Fog Of Death. Whever a enemy is weakened, he casts Sukunda and inflicts poison on them. To synergize, Nergal happens to have an ability which removes barrier then inflicts weak + a passive which casts rebellion whenever an enemy is poisoned making them a powerful combo. Even without Nergal he can work fine by himself, you need to inflict weak on enemies or just inflict poison for a free Sukunda. Mad Gasser (comes with Mahapoisma, poison all) can pair well with him as you can always transfer Madezoreto (weak all) to him too.

Common Sea Of Chaos gives him a expensive Rakunda.
He doesn't have good magic so it's main use will be for support. Weaken them for Sukunda + Sea Of Chaos for Rakunda.
Aragami Dark Sword Gives him a single target attack that can inflict mute, saving you the need from transferring one.
This goes well with Deadly Mute which stacks with Deadly Poison. Easy to setup with weak and gives you a total of a 60% damage boost against poison/muted enemies.
(Ailment Phys)
Protector Outbreak inflicts weak multiple times to enemies. Generally aoe weak (Madezoreto) is better to use and since he is Attack AI he won't use this on auto.
Damage Panel V II can be replaced as you can just bring demons with Damage Panel Immunity instead for AG
Psychic Savage Glee increases his crit rate to high amounts, quite amazing if you don't want to use him in a HB/ZG team
For bosses Tempest Slash would prove useful, but not so much in pvp.
(Pure Phys)
Elementalist He's weak to light and so Null Fire does nothing for him.
Resist Light should be kept however if you're worried about enemies exploiting his weakness

Recommended skills:

  • Single target phys attack. For example Oni-Kagura would be nice for its crit chance boost
  • Resist Light. For covering weakness
  • Phys Boost. Damage Increase

Brands: War works due to him not having costly skills, Divine for more skill spamming

Demon Information

Strong caster designed for aoe spellcasting especially given she has Mabufula, Mamudo and Call to Helhiem her unique passive. Whenever she kills an enemy, War Cry is casted on their team (Rakunda, Tarunda) and so this makes her really good for Wanted missions (where most of them are weak to dark/ice), V10 and in general pve content. Pair her up with Kangaroo Boxer with his passive that increases damage as the more enemies you kill the more damage you'd do, subsequently also debuffing.

Common She gains the ability to breathe ice, Ice Breath is not that great given she already has Mabufula.
The main advantage it has is that its spammable with a 3mp cost, good against bosses weak to ice (though none really come to mind).
Aragami A cheaper costing Bufudyne is great for single targeting and spamming.
With Merciless Blow she can do great amounts of damage to ice/dar weak foes.
(Single Target)
Protector Rattle gives her more coverage and support utility. Just wipe out any foe using this and they are debuffed fully with Taru/Raku/Sukunda effects.
Enduring Soul would give her another life, always good for damage units.
Psychic Ice Boost would help increase her damage for stronger Mabufulas
Bufudyne saves you mag/sp if you want the skill, though it'd be better going with Red in that case for the -1mp cost.
Elementalist By default she already nulls ice and so Repel Ice doesn't help at all.
Resist Fire covers her weakness, so this should be kept if you don't want it exploited

Recommended skills:

  • Back Attack. For pve content this helps further strengthen her overall damage with Ice/Dark
  • Resist Fire. For weakness covering
  • Any other element (Single target/aoe). Gives her more coverage
  • Ice/Dark boost. Enhances her standard kit further

Brands: Spell works fine with her mp costs. You'd want Divine if you want to use Yellow/more spamming in general.

Demon Information

The second component in the setup HB/ZG setup. He comes with Maragion, Speedster and his unique Red Zone (Grants Rebellion to all allies, 3 uses). Given his innate high agility and a need for speed with Speedster, with him in your team you'd reach really high battle speeds almost guaranteeing first strikes for most battles. Red Zone all allies and phys all enemies (when you have Zaou Gongen, granting pierce) to wipe them all out. This will make pve content really easy. As for pvp, people generally build anti phys defenses due to Huang Di and this setup, so you'd need to pick your targets wisely.

Common Power Hit is quite a strong phys skill (170 power), However the drawback is that you lose 10% hp after using it and given it also costs 7mp (6 for awakened skill) it's not so great to be spammable. Unobtainable
Aragami Hell Biker would benefit most from phys attacks and so Mamudoon doesn't really help in that department
Agidyne follows suit for the same reasoning, you should probably just replace that.
Protector Hell Biker is quite squishy and so Recarmdra won't see much uses, he'd also likely fall first due to how dangerous he can be when left alive.
War Cry would be great for manual play and transfering. On auto, he's attack ai and so won't ever use this skill.
Psychic Auto-Sukuka helps immensely for pvp, increasing your phys team's hit/evasion rate. In pve it only affects the first wave so not so great there.
Deadly Bondage wouldn't have much use to him unless your team runs bind (it would guarantee hits which is nice), quite the rare passive for transfering.
Elementalist Repel Light covers his weakness giving you two slots for customization.
Great for pve as it ensures his survival, in pvp Biker teams aim for all out wipes and so covering weakness wouldn't be much of a priority.
Resist Dark can be replaced since he's neutral to it.

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Light. Covering weakness if you think you can't 1 turn enemies
  • Enduring/Enduring Soul. Giving him more survival to cast Red Zone
  • Agility Amp I/II/III. Most of the time Yatagarasu is a good pairing as he comes with Auto-Sukunda (also being a pretty good phys attacker). The problem with this is that Yatagarasu will act before HB meaning he won't get that effect. One way to get around this is transferring any of these to ensure HB has more agility, going first (or use Lead Brands).
  • Phys skill. If you want Hell Biker to be attacking with skills himself, be sure to save enough mp for Red Zone casts though when your team needs it
  • Mana Aid. Expensive to transfer but if you get Mana Aid for him he can immediately crank out Red Zone every wave (assuming you only need 1 per wave)

Brands: Divine for quick Red Zone casting. You need to max out the skill in order to turn one use it in pvp.

Demon Information

Good healer (when compared with Pazuzu and Feng Huang), coming with Recovery Boost for higher heals, Holy Wrath and her unique Orlean Prayer (Heals single ally and recovers 3 mp, 6 uses). Orlean Prayer can be used offensively, acting as a mana battery for your hard hitters. She also doesn't have the pesky ice weakness, (fire weakness instead) so it'll cost less mag to fuse Pazuzu to cover her weakness compared to Odin.

Common Life Aid wouldn't help her much, she can just heal up damage taken anyways. Unobtainable
Aragami If you want to build her offensively Judgement is pretty good to support her kit (though quite costly). Once Orlean Prayer casts run out you can spam this to help buff up your allies and do damage at the same time.
Mind Break adds to her support kit, she can both drain mp from foes and restore mp to allies.
Protector Silent Prayer would help against ailments/reflect shields the enemy places up. Given her naturally high agi she would act before the rest of your demons and can cure inflictions (given she isn't inflicted herself). Given her average luck though, you'd need quite high ailment resistance to prevent her from being inflicted.
Mediarama should be kept if you want to use her as a healer or to simply transfer it to another demon (It's a rare skill to get).
Psychic Null Mute doesn't help that much on her, if you're worried about ailments you could always bring ailment clearing centric demons. You can always keep passing until mute wears off.
Purgatory gives her a dark multi-hit skill, not so great as a skill due to the amount of dark immune enemies around. Good for V10 though.
Elementalist Repel Fire covers her weakness giving you full customization of her skills
Zanma gives her a single target force skill. If your team doesn't need healing anymore/you used up Orlean prayer you could start spamming force.

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Fire. Covering her weakness
  • Damage spells. If you want her to be more offensive
  • Buffs/Debuffs. For more support utility
  • Mediarama. If you want to use her as a healer

Brands: Divine as healers need it for 2 turn aoe heals (it is also needed for Red)

Demon Information

Persephone comes with Bufudyne, Mamudoon and a unique passive Fruit of the Dead. A direct counter to revive teams as units come back with only 1 hp, allowing for easy re-wipes. High Agility, Luck and good Hp, Vitality and Magic means she can be built as a ailment clearer or spell caster. Ideally you'd want her to remain alive as long as possible for her passive to remain in effect.

Common Summoning a curse upon her enemies Vengeance inflicts randomly towards multiple enemies.
You could build her towards the ailment route if you want, though curse doesn't really do much (as opposed to Charm, Mute and Bind)
Aragami For damage usage Energy Drain doesn't really do much due to only having 100 power. The 1mp drain and 25% hp restored is negligible for a 5mp cost.
Acid Breath helps your phys units immensely, enemies will take more damage + less evasion/accuracy.
Protector Amazing for clearing ailments Prayer removes all inflictions to your team. Make sure she goes first in order to take the most advantage of it.
Life Gain adds to her survivability, extra health is always a boon.
Psychic Null Bind doesn't really do much. With it i suppose you could run her as a bind clearer (but in that case it would be better getting yellow).
War Cry would help for a more supportive role, she will use it due to being Support AI.
Elementalist Drain Dark doesn't help much due to her already nulling it.
Resist Elec covers her weakness to prevent extra press turns for the enemy team.

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Elec. To cover her weakness
  • Hellish Mask. Goes well with Yellow to reduce likelihoods of her being inflicted by ailments
  • Ice/Dark Boost. If you want her to be a spellcaster, it will increase her kit's damage.

Brands: Spell if you want damage, Divine for spamming spells more and Life for surivability.
If you go with Yellow + Hellish Mask then you won't really need ward brands. Lead would ensure she acts first if you have a speedier unit, Shield/Guard for more defense.

Demon Information

High magic and agility makes him a speedy caster, though with low Hp and Vitality he's quite squishy (essentially a glass cannon). He uses Ziodyne, White Noise and his unique God's Bow (Light, a single foe with 50% chance to kill, 2 uses). Along with Alice, he's amazing for pve content for one shotting dangerous foes as you get 2 chances, at best you've killed off two of them, at worst you've dealt 400 power worth of damage towards the enemy. So regardless they'd be hit really hard by the skill.

Common Conjuring a Bolt Storm would be nice for bosses, but given he already has Ziodyne i don't really see much use for it. Bad
Aragami Soul Drain gives him more coverage for elec/light immune foes. It also hits pretty hard so is a great alternative to God's Bow when its used up.
Bufula gives him a ice spell to shoot at enemies, more coverage is always nice.
Protector Recarmdra would be nice on him if he weren't so squishy. He'd be killed before he could use this to help your team.
Good Aim would be good if he was a phys unit and so can easily be replaced.
Psychic Null Bind is useful only in being Lakshmi Kiwami and AG50 currently.
In Kiwami you can transfer Meparaladi and you can stop bind (though you'd still have to deal with charm).
In AG50, if he acts first you can use an Amrita shower to remove bind. You can attempt one shotting Asherah/Alice too, making the fight way easier.
Mecharmdi is useless on him, i'd recommend just replacing it.
Elementalist Null Force covers his weakness given you reign of control over what skills you want in the last two slots.
Maragion gives him a fire aoe, decent but you'd have to be wary of any ndr fire foe.

Recommended skills:

  • Damage Spells/Megido. For coverage
  • Resist Force. Force skills are really prevalent, you should really cover any force weaknesses you have
  • Endure. Helps with his survivability

Brands: Divine for spamming skills, Spell means they'd come out slower but be more powerful.

Demon Information

Phys support oriented demon with resist elec, repel dark and weakness to light. She has quite low hp/vit/mag, decent agi, decent str and high luck. With this stat spread she can take advantage of her kit's Eat whole for damage, Sexy dance for ailment infliction and Sass (Passive: when foe is charmed, cast Rakunda) adding onto charm's already deadly effect. Due to Sass you can pair her with demons like Lakshmi, Mother Harlot for a free debuff when they charm their foes. She herself is also a source of charm and so can work without them.

Common She's not a magic unit and so Deathtouch wouldn't do much for her Unobtainable
Aragami Bleeder gives you a support phys skill. In comparison to Mind Break, it's stronger and has the ability to crit but inversely can miss and has a smaller effect.
Berserker increases her damage, also taking more damage in return. Pretty bad for her since she's squishy in the first place and you'd want her alive for her Sass to activate.
Protector Binding Claw would be quite spammable for her (4mp when awakened), with her high luck she'd be able to easily inflict bind.
This goes greatly with Deadly Bondage for extra damage against bound foes.
(Phys Support)
Psychic Losing her mind with Insanity, grants her extra ailment infliction. Great in boosting up her Sexy Dance and whichever other ailments you want to transfer to her.
Retaliate, on the other hand relies on her being hit in the first place. Not that great due to her low bulk.
(Pure Ailment)
Elementalist With Repel Elec and her natural Repel Dark, she can block both Thor and Black Frost's piercing when paired with Alilat (Quite niche but Repel Elec is hard to find on a demon).
Her gacha skill will cover her weakness and so Resist Light would be nice to keep for pve content or any hard hitting light units like Mastema, Metatron, Michael.

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Light. Shield her from the light, covering her weakness.
  • Madness. If you want to stack up her ailment infliction rate
  • Any other ailment. Gives her more ailment related coverage
  • Phys Boost/Good Aim. If you want to use her as a phys unit she can be built as one

Brands: Divine can allow turn one Sexy Dance in pvp, her skills are pretty cheap anyways so Life for survival would work, War for phys damage.

Demon Information

Our first gacha 3★ unit in the game. She has two weaknesses (fire and light), resists dark at least and has all round pretty bad stats (besides luck and agi). Bodyconian knows Madness, Sexy Dance and lives the Nightlife (Passive: Increases Macca earned). With this kit she'll spam charm to no end (which makes her pair well with Man Eater). In comparison to Kanbari, he has a much higher macca earn boost + boosts experience earned as well. In levelling quests, it'd not be worth it sacrificing another slot for her, she can fit into your secondary team in AG for extra macca at least.

Common Luck Amp II boosts her luck up a bit. This is like having another Madness tacked on with the added evasion, accuracy, ailment resist. Unobtainable
Aragami Sweet Bite would be used for inflicting charm moreso compared to damage, compared to Sexy Dance it can miss but then again can crit, saving you a press turn icon.
Good Aim helps bolster up her hit rate for it which is nice.
Protector Along with alluring others with her Sexy Dance, she is capable of Taunting your foes. In general this is a pretty bad skill, though is spammable at 2mp.
Lydia adds to her support kit nicely. Useful when paired with the more tanky party members.
Psychic Evade greatly ramps up her evasion towards phys attacks. You'd still have to worry about her magic defense plus her two weaknesses.
Being the life of the party she's able to Wild Guess the oncoming advances of foes. A bad skill in general and so is recommended to be replaced.
Elementalist One of her weaknesses is covered via Resist Light, cover the other with Resist Fire and you don't have to worry about giving foes an extra press turn.
Able to get over late nights partying quickly, Fast Recovery could be useful but in general it's always better to just increase resistance/have barrier rather than rely on RNG for ailment curing.

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Fire/Light. Covering weakness is always nice.
  • Any ailment. Adds onto her support role.
  • Barrier Break. Removes barriers to allow her to then follow up with ailments

Brands: Life would ensure she stays up longer. Divine if you feel like giving her something more expensive to cast.

Demon Information

From the Bayonetta Collaboration, Beloved is a slow beefy phys demon with resistance to phys, light and weak to dark. He has a pretty amazing base kit with Bloody Glee for boosted critical rates, Oni-Kagura, for single targeting (also adding crit) and his unique skill Beloved Slash which hits all foes twice. The main thing you'd need to be wary of is his accuracy and so giving him accuracy % tertiaries and using Sukukaja/Sukunda, transfering Good/Great Aim all help in this department.
Pair him with Hell Biker and Zaou Gongen and watch him wreck havok in pve content.

Common Vitality Amp II increases his health and defense. Not that much of an increase though and so is only for min maxing his beefiness Usable
Aragami Since he already has Oni-Kagura, Power Hit isn't really needed.
It's more powerful compared to Oni-Kagura but lacks the bonus crit rate (and bonus accuracy when levelled), not to mention it takes 10% of his hp when used.
Good Aim helps with his accuracy, useful good given his quite low Ag.
Protector Rebellion allows you to run him with Zaou Gongen without Hell Biker (and have infinite uses as opposed to x3), -1 mp cost as an awakened skill is quite nice too
Phys Boost ramps up his damage, no reason to replace this really unless you want to use Phys Amp on him (or just run them both).
Psychic The counter passive Retaliate is okay but due to his bulk its not really likely he'll be targeted by phys attacks as opposed to more squishier demons.
Wild Guess is quite a bad passive in general, reducing crit damage taken relies on you being hit by crits in the first place, no reason really to keep it.
Elementalist He already resists it and so Null Light doesn't do that much (You still have a Dark weakness to deal with).
Hellish Mask increases his ailment resistance. It shouldn't really be a replacement for Ward brands as his Lu is on the medium end, but still could prove useful for when ward runs out, you can replace it if you wish.

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Dark. Covering weakness is always good for pve content.
  • Phys Boost. Increase his phys damage
  • Multi-Hit phys skill. For bosses
  • Good/Great Aim. If you're worried about his accuracy.
  • Mana Aid. If you want to use him for pve farming, he can spam Beloved Slash every wave.

Brands: War for maximizing damage for pve content, Divine if you want to transfer more expensive skills to him and more skill spamming in general.

Demon Information

4★ version of Bayonetta without the unique passive and skill (and lower base stats but the same resistances). She has the matching Mortal Jihad skill but now instead has Berserker (takes more damage, deals more damage) and Soul Drain (Almighty single target), a way worse kit compared to the 5★ version. With Berserker she'd fall even easier and so if you do want to use her, you'd build her to hit as hard as possible. With both phys and almighty coverage, at least she'd have something to do when facing a null phys unit, but with stats like that, ideally you'd want to build her towards the phys route.

Common Strength Amp II increases her base strength to a maxed out 182 and so by default she can reach fairly high Patk values.
Phys Boost would always have a greater effect however.
Aragami Myriad Arrows enables her to be an effective boss killer. With the -1mp cost, she can two turn this skill without Divine brands.
Strength Amp II as mentioned in her clear archetype is mainly for min-maxing, replacable if you wish to do so.
Protector She already has Mortal Jihad and so Sweet Bite might be excessive. It still is an okay choice if you want to also charm your foes on hit, awakened it also sports a 5mp cost meaning its more spammable vs Mortal Jihad.
Deadly charm works well only if you have a source of charm. Sweet Bite of course could be used to attach charm on an enemy then make them take more damage from her, or you could cast charm via another source and go with another archetype.
Psychic Savage Glee ramps up her crit rate by a high degree. By using Mortal Jihad she has a default 55% chance to crit (of course dependant on the target being hit).
Phys Boost increases her damage output, no reason to replace it really.
(Crit build)
Elementalist With the same reasoning for her 5★ version, Null Dark really does nothing for her
She doesn't really have that high Ag and so Speedster would be more suited to demons with high innate Ag.

Recommended skills:

  • Phys Boost. Increase his phys damage
  • Aoe phys skill. For wave sweeping
  • Good/Great Aim. If you're worried about her hit rates though she has okay Ag and Lu.
  • Mana Aid. If you want to use her as a dedicated pve farmer.

Brands: War to do more damage or Divine for more skill spamming. Mortal Jihad is quite expensive at 7mp so be mindful of that.

Demon Information

Like Bayonetta, she also as a more inferior 4★ version (also having mirroring stats to Bayonetta, with flipped St and Ma, meaning she's a spell unit). Without her unique skill and passive she has Hades Blast (which is bad on her), Berserker and Soul Drain. Compared to 4★ Bayo, with her stat spread i'd recommend building her to magic instead if you want to use her, so in pve she should focus on Soul Drain + any transferred spells.

Common Magic Amp II increases her Soul Drain strength, good for min maxing its damage as since it's almighty there are only few sources that increase its damage. Usable
Aragami With her lowish St stat, Tempest Slash won't help her that much
As like her Clear version, Magic Amp II could be kept to boost up her almighty magic damage.
Protector Dark Sword would allow her to mute, but with her St stat she won't do that much damage with it.
Deadly Mute works well with Dark Sword. Though with her mediocre base St stat, it'd be better having another mute source (such as Trumpeter) rather than using this archetype.
Quite a rare skill so if you don't like her you can transfer it to demons that may have more use with it.
Psychic Compared to her other archetypes, only Evade stands out, having a base 20% evade would help with her survivability.
Retaliate could work as well but then you'd need a fair amount of Patk to do decent amount of damage via counters.
Naturally with Berserker and quite low hp/vit stats she will be targeted by the AI more often compared to other demons.
Elementalist Null Light does nothing for her since she resists Light
Speedster increases your overall battle speed with her, though would be better on high base Ag units.

Recommended skills:

  • Megido. Aoe magic for sweeping would be great so that you can use Soul Drain for single targeting
  • Any elemental spells. Build her to whichever spells you like
  • Dodge. Can stack with evade for less chances to be hit my phys attacks

Brands: Spell for damage, though Soul Drain is quite costly so Divine can work to enable two turn casts of it.

4★ Fusable Demons

Demon Information

Balanced unit with mid range stats (excluding luck) and excellent resistances (Null light/dark, resist force/elec). Beelzebub is a elec/dark oriented unit with Mudodyne, Mazionga and his unique dark skill Gluttony (aoe dark damage, heals himself based on 50% of damage done). If you face off against foes that don't ndr dark, he can self sustain and soak up a lot of hits in the process, easily suited for usage in V10 and Light Aether farming.

Common - Bad
Aragami - Bad
Protector Beelzebub gains a almighty skill, Sea of Chaos for coverage. Against dark/elec immune enemies this can prove useful not in its damage but the defense reduction added to it, helping support your main units in the damage department. Best
Psychic - Bad
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Dark/Elec Boost. Increase the damage of his main elements.
  • Elemental spells. More coverage wouldn't hurt.

Brands: Divine, his skills are really costly and it'll allow you to two turn Gluttony/Sea of Chaos.

Demon Information

Recommended mainly for Aura Gate 45-50 farming and only when Purple. You need to reach around ~21,000 speed for those floors in order to get first strikes, ensuring your team doesn't fall as the recommended team on the wiki is very squishy. If you want an improved version to use, Purple Huang Long (or any other HL with Speedster) would suit this bill in terms of survivability and speed (and comes with an upgraded Makarakarn). SP won't be an issue due to the abundance of Fenrir Souls found at 45-50 so don't feed him Yasaka Magatamas.
At minimum he should be level 45 to be most effective for farming.

Common - Bad
Aragami - Bad
Protector - Bad
Psychic His sole purpose is to boost speed via Speedster, don't use him if he's any other archetype (unless you have another purpose in mind) Best
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Makarakarn. Very important and a must have due to him being weak to two elements, this will help shield your team from damage.
  • Rakunda/Tarunda. Go first if you want to end battles quicker, second for more survival
  • Barrier Break (PVP only). Turn one ailment teams would have to rely on BB and Divine Brands. He's a good candidate due to having Auto-Taruka and speedster for acting first.

Brands: Divine and Ward. Both are compulsory as he needs to get out Makarakarn as much as possible and the debuff. Ward is for Lilim/Shiisa encounters, preventing charm/bind
Aim for Life% and Evade % for survival.

Demon Information

Bulky slow demon with resist phys, null force but two weaknesses. Though this is detrimental, the reason why he's recommended isn't for pve but instead pvp against intimidating stance teams. He comes with Berserker God, Rakukaja and his unique passive: Faith in Wealth (Increases his max hp and recovers 1mp to your team whenever you lose a press turn icon). When facing off against IS teams, you then start off an extra two mp (7mp or 8 if using Divine), quickly sweep the enemy team and hopefully do enough damage to win. Since IS teams mainly revolve around Phys/Fire, you technically don't have to worry about covering his glaring weaknesses, it's always nice to do so anyways.

Common - Bad
Aragami - Bad
Protector - Bad
Psychic If you want to use him on the phys route Phys Boost would increase his damage. Mind you this means you have two weaknesses to deal with. Given his naturally slow speed however, his accuracy won't be that great so you'd need to invest heavily to get his aim up. Usable
Elementalist Null Dark covers his weakness. Now you'd only have to worry about Elec and have a slot for adding whichever you like. Best

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Elec. Optional, covers his weakness.
  • Samarecarm. Gives a revival source in case things get hairy.
  • Buff/Debuff. Allows him to provide more support to your team.

Brands: Life increasing his bulk. Secondary can be anything you like, i haven't really seen ailment demons on IS teams so Ward wouldn't really be neccessary.

Demon Information

Sturdy slow demon with good hp/vit and luck. For pvp he's a auto-debuffer with Auto-Tarunda (his other two skills are quite useless) and shines as Yellow for the sole purpose of spamming Fog Breath. If you want a replacement demon, Purple Ananta works better in this regard. Having both Auto-Tarunda and Auto-Rakuka cast at the start of pvp battles can save your team from being swept by teams, giving them a fighting chance at counter attacks.

Common - Bad
Aragami - Bad
Protector Fog Breath is the best defensive debuff in the game. Tarunda for damage reduction and Sukunda for reduced accuracy from foes. -1mp cost makes it have the same cost as Tarunda/Sukunda/Rakunda (So really it's a two in one skill). Being 5mp, you don't have to run Divine for turn one casts and so can opt for Life brands for tankiness. Best
Psychic - Bad
Elementalist Null Fire will cover his weakness if you want to use him for another purpose. His strength is okay but due to his low agi he will miss a lot and so building towards phys would be a bad idea.
With his decent luck, i have seen one person build him with ailments, it can catch people quite off guard.

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Fire. If not Teal for no extra press turns
  • Samarecarm. Revive is always good on a support unit
  • Mind Break. If Fog Breath has been stuck on the opponent and they don't clear it, he can then spend the rest of his turns draining their mana.

Brands: Life to make him tanky

Demon Information

Extremely tanky demon with high luck, vit, hp, luck and strength (low mag, agi). He has Megaton Press, Bloody Glee and a unique passive Guards of Tartarus which reduces all aoe/multi-target damage done to your team by 15%. Given his stats he naturally has higher resistance to ailments and can crit (if he manages to land a hit). Amazing for both pvp and pve as his presence alone will help in reducing damage taken by your team. Given he also Nulls phys, he can only be touched by phys pierce and spells.

Common Auto-Rakuka would mainly be for pvp. It gives your team a defensive boost at the start of combat, reducing the likelihood of team wipes.
Go for this archetype if you don't have any other demon with the auto passive.
(No Auto-Rakuka source)
Aragami - Bad
Protector - Bad
Psychic Life Surge makes his already high life pool even higher adding to his tankiness. Best
(Auto-Rakuka covered)
Elementalist With Drain Phys and being paired with Rama, he can prevent phys piercing. Another added advantage is that if he gets charmed he can heal himself up. Usable (With Rama Only)

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Force. Mandatory given Force is used by many demons. He can easily be defeated by Cu Chulainn/Susano-o
  • Resist Light. Prevents enemies getting extra press turns.
  • Samarecarm/Recarmdra. Some people prefer not to cover light weakness and get this instead.

Brands: Life and Shield is the best combination for survival

Demon Information

Slow tanky caster, hee comes with the unique skill Cold World (CW), a aoe ice attack with an added Rakunda effect if all targets are hit. Ice boost ramps up this damage, whilst his last skill Megaton Press doesn't really do much. With King Frost hee hoever works best when there are no opponents who ndr ice. You'd have to be very selective whenever you use him. Hee's great for pve, but not so good in pvp due to ice weakness being covered most of the time.

Common - Bad
Aragami Glacial Blast would be great for bosses but doesn't add to his coverage sadly. Usable
Protector Concentrate is amazing for launching powered up CW/spells. Best
Psychic - Bad
Elementalist Resist Fire covers his weakness giving you the freedom of customization for the rest of your slots Best
(Diverse Build)

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Fire. Covering weakness is always good.
  • Any other element/almighty. For coverage.

Brands: Divine if you're going for Yellow (and want two turn CW) otherwise Life/Spell would work fine, though it'll take him a while to charge up CW.

Demon Information

Slow single target oriented mage with great HP/Vit stats for survivability. Loki is a Trickster, his unique passive granting a chance to ignore press turn usage when a weakness is hit. Naturally coming with Zandyne and Agidyne he's great for coverage and targeting weaknesses in content such as AG Gatekeeper fights and pve in general. He is an effective counter to Orcus/Hecatoncheires as damage reduction is only applied to multi-hit/aoe skills.

Common Ziodyne grants him another element to play with, being an awakened skill it also nicely gets a -1mp cost attached to it Best
Aragami Bufudyne gives him more coverage (like Clear), the -1mp cost is always nice. Best
Protector Mind Blast can lend him into a more supportive role. It cannot activate his passive though, so this is mainly for pvp uses in draining dangerous foes of mana. Usable
Psychic - Bad
Elementalist Resist Light covers his weakness giving you the freedom of customization for the rest of your slots.
Compared to Clear/Red though you lose out on the -1mp attached to those skills in exchange for being able to pick and choose what you like.
(Diverse Build)

Recommended skills:

  • Elec/Ice/Light/Dark (Preferably single target versions).
    The more elements he covers the more usage you can get out of him (don't get almighty due to his passive)
  • Resist Light. If not Teal it can prevent him from being wiped out by light. By not covering it however you can run with 5 elemental attacks

Brands: Divine can ensure more spell spamming, though since at most his skills cost 6mp, you can two turn them regardless with Spell/Life.

Demon Information

Mainly considered for two uses: Resist Force transfer or as a budget Yoshitsune (only when purple). She naturally comes with Resist Force (for transferral), Myriad Arrows (For bosses) and Holy Wrath. She has high strength, agility and luck, making her a excellent phys unit for farming. Her hp, mag and vit is on the low end however, so she'll do low Holy Wrath damage and will take more damage compared to other units.

Common - Bad
Aragami Mortal Jihad can be used if you want to bring her to pvp. Though there are better phys units to use due to her low bulk. Usable
Protector - Bad
Psychic Mana Aid is excellent for farming. Restoring mp per wave ensures she can spam skills on the get go.
If you get her powerful enough she can sweep, rinse and repeat.
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Phys Boost. To increase damage
  • Resist Dark. If you're worried about her weakness being hit
  • Aoe phys skill. Myriad Arrows for single targeting bosses, aoe for multiple enemies

Brands: Divine ensures she can utilize multiple activations of her phys skills, War would ensure she hits harder.

Demon Information

Powerful glass cannon phys unit (Low hp/vit/mag + two weaknesses). He has Fatal Sword, Charge and his unique Rasetsu, increasing his base accuracy and granting him Rebellion at the start of battle. Combined with Zaou Gongen, you can immediately pierce when you start combat, give him an aoe to let him wreck havok. Due to Rasetsu only activating once however, if he dies then the effect is lost. It is also not reactivated every wave, meaning it's best for turn one clears such as pvp, pvp training mode or AG farming.

Common Due to his glass cannon nature Endure would ensure he survives at least once. Best
Aragami - Bad
Protector - Bad
Psychic - Bad
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Phys Boost. Increasing his damage
  • Aoe move. If you're using him for pvp, aim for one that is usable turn one (E.g. For pvp: Herculean Strike, 5mp or Hades Blast 6mp (with Divine))
  • Mana Aid. Expensive to transfer but if you get Mana Aid up with him and Hell Biker it'll make them both really effective for brand farming

Brands: War to maximise damage or Divine if you want a more powerful aoe in exchange for less single target damage.
For a secondary brand, Ward isn't really needed as he's gonna die anyways so Aim would be good for more accuracy or Lead if you run him in a Biker team (using Red Zone before using up his Rasetsu would mean it's wasted).

Demon Information

Magic unit with a kit that has Mahajuon for cursing foes, Mudodyne and Mazandyne for spells to cast. Her appeal mainly is in her natural repel phys resistance and her archetype as Yellow with Recarmdra, pair her with Alilat to prevent phys piercing from the likes of HB/ZG teams, Mara and Huang Di. You can build her either as a spell caster (Though she is kinda squishy to begin with so for pve be sure to have Makarakarn/5 Elements up to prevent her from taking magic damage) or as a defensive support demon for pvp.

Common - Bad
Aragami - Bad
Protector Recarmdra is a elusive skill to find and is most effective on tanky units who are intended to survive last.
In her case you'd have to invest in order to get her survivability up as much as possible.
Psychic - Bad
Elementalist Null Force makes her immune to Susano-o and Seth naturally as they both run Phys/Force. For this archetype you can build her as a caster.
This makes her mainly useful in pve however as if people see her with this on defence they can just bring another unit.

Recommended skills:

  • Endure. If Yellow, when she casts recarmdra it can prevent her death. Or it can prevent her death in order to cast recarmdra.
  • Resist Elec. Covers her weakness, since she can be easily shredded by magic its best to not give the enemy any openings

Brands: Life if you're building her Yellow, Spell/Divine if you're building her Teal.
For a secondary brand, Shield could work to improve her MDEF, but Ward is always nice for ailment protection

Demon Information

One of the first recommended 4★ demons to build in the game (he's also a component for Alilat). Having no weaknesses and really good resistances, a balanced stat spread, two single target skills and Auto-Sukuka to boot he's a pretty good well rounded demon. Red is recommended if you want to use him for farming brands or on your AG farming team, whilst Yellow is good for general usage.

Common - Bad
Aragami Mahamaon with a -1mp cost allows him to shine in AG 45-50 and Sloth 10 farming. Given both places have a lot of light weak enemies he can easily sweep and generate press turn icons for your team. Best
Protector Samarecarm allows him to provide more support with a cheaper mp cost attached to it. Best
(General Use)
Psychic - Bad
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Light Boost. If using him for AG/S10 farming, boosting his Mahamaon damage can ensure faster clears
  • ST Fire/Ice/Dark/Elec. Giving him coverage is always nice since he already covers two elements

Brands: Divine if you want more skill spamming, Spell/Life would work for more damage/survival

Demon Information

Speedy caster that's generally recommended for AG 45-50 and Sloth 10 (If Red). He has Light Boost to increase the damage of Mahamaon and Speedster, giving your team a needed boost in battle speed for farming content. He is pretty squishy however and so you should expect him to fall quite easily. This is why you can also find a fair amount of Sleipnir souls in AG 45-50, however this means you don't have to waste Yasaka Magatamas on him as souls should be enough to get your the skill points you need.
At minimum he should be level 45 to be most effective for farming.

Common Samarecarm gives him support utility to revive your dead team members. Useful for AG farming in the cases where an ally gets killed by a foe, talk or someone failing the Chaos Knight challenge. Usable
Aragami Hamadyne gives him a single target skill to use in farming. Note: If you do decide to bring him to Sloth 10, be sure to cover his fire weakness so that Lucifer won't fry him to a crisp. Best
(Sloth 10)
Protector Diarahan helps in the healing department, mending the wounds of your team (mainly for AG 45-50, for S10 you don't really need healing and should aim for quick clears) Usable
Psychic Agility Amp III though sounds good on paper for more speed, isn't really required as you could always get more speed via levelling him up, getting speed tertiaries or combining him with another speedy demon.
In AG 45-50 he's mainly with Fenrir and so those two with double Speedster should provide your team more than enough speed to reach the ~21,000 mark.
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Fire. Mainly for Sloth 10, if you just want to use him for AG 45-50, Makarakarn from Fenrir should be more than enough.
  • Mazan/Mazio. For AG 45-50, increasing his coverage allows you to sweep a wider variety of foes.
  • Bufu/Bufula. For Lilim in AG 45-50 if your team keeps falling to her. Makarakarn from Fenrir + Ward on all demons should ensure your survival
  • Hama. For Sloth 10, if you run Divine then once he reaches 0mp from using his other skills he'll start to spam this (so you don't have to worry about phys attacks missing)

Brands: Divine is a must on Sloth 10. Spell works fine for AG 45-50 and Ward as a secondary brand is essential to both.

Demon Information

Lighting fast bird with high strength, very high agility and decent luck. Yatagarasu has Hades Blast, Auto-Sukunda and Speedster making him a effective demon for HB/ZG comps. Speedster would ensure your team gets high battle speeds, whilst Auto-Sukunda assists with hit rates (since the team is fully reliant on phys).
He's really squishy and so will fall very easily to magic, having one of the lowest HP/Vit/Magic stats in the game, quickly wipe them out before they can wipe you out. Due to this Yatagarasu souls also litter AG 45-50 floors and so you shouldn't waste Yasaka Magatamas on him.

Common Phys Boost increases his phys damage, this saves you tons of mag and so you don't have to fuse Wu Kong and also save mag as oppposed to making him colored Best
Aragami If you don't have a HB/ZG team and want to use him as a phys unit, Mortal Jihad is excellent for single targeting.
Given guaranteed crit from Red Zone, the added crit from this isn't required for HB/ZG teams.
Protector - Bad
Psychic With his already high agility he should have natural high evasion, with Evade stacked on top it can reach even higher.
In going with this archetype you can build him as a support unit if you wish. In being Support AI, he will give priority to support skills over phys.
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Single Target Phys (E.g. Fatal Sword, Berserker God). For HB/ZG teams when you run across Repel Phys + Alilat.
  • Debuff/Buff. For Support build
  • Barrier Break. Support build, if you want to use him in an ailment team

Brands: Divine if you want more skill spamming, though he doesn't really have expensive skills to begin with. War for phys build.
Dodge can be a good secondary brand for him to further increase his evasion, Speed for extra, well speed. Otherwise the standard Ward to shield from ailments.

Demon Information

The angry red man with the highest strength stat in the game (also with second highest luck) meaning he will strike with heavy critical hits. He has Hellish Mask boosting his ailment resistance, Oni-Kagura to strike with a boosted crit chance and Auto-Taruka giving your team an immediate boost in attack at the start of combat. In retrospect he has low HP, Mag, Vit and Agi meaning he can have trouble hitting (luck is factored into hit rate but with low Agi it's balanced out). Best seen with Purple Archetype for pvp he's suited towards slow teams (to intentionally aim to start second). Combine him with Surt or Baihu for double intimidation (Fun fact: If you run double intimidation in levelling quests, you will always start first regardless of battle speed).

Common - Bad
Aragami - Bad
Protector - Bad
Psychic Intimidating Stance works best if your team starts second. When you have two users with this passive you can reduce the enemy's starting press turns from 4 to 2.
This can easily stop Jack Bros, HB/ZG and turn one clear teams. It can however be countered by Ganesha who grants +1mp to all party members per press turn lost.
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Force. Force is too prevalent to be ignored. He'd easily be one shotted by Cu Chulainn/Susano-o
  • Endure. Gives him a second fighting chance, always nice.
  • Phys Boost. Make him hit harder, releasing all of that pent up anger
  • Bloody/Savage Glee. Further increase odds of him critting, he'll still struggle to get crits off high luck demons and so this'll reduce the gap

Brands: He doesn't need ward brands due to his high innate ailment resistance + Hellish Mask.
Go with Life + Shield if you want more survivability on him. War with aim is the more glass cannony route, increasing damage and hit rate.

Other Demons

Jack Frost and Pyro Jack

The Jack siblings follow the same build via being optimal as Yellow. They're excellent for manual play and in pvp form the Jack Bros team. Tag will pass their turn without consuming any turn icons and so allies will be able to quickly regain mana. Ideally you'd want your sweeper to run concentrate so that you can one shot them or do enough damage to finish them off the second turn. Aim to start first, but if you can bear the brunt of their attacks (and have no demons fall) then starting second would be fine too as you'd begin with even more mana.

The team mainly comprises of the Tag Jacks + One swheeper and one spheedy supphort.

  • Sweepers: Yellow Ishtar, Trumpeter, Rama (with concentrate), Yellow Black Frost, Mother Harlot
  • Support: Fenrir, Garuda, Kinmamon

Common - Bad
Aragami - Bad
Protector Pass their turn and Tag your next theeam member Best
Psychic - Bad
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Endure + Samarecarm. Good combo when your team doesn't manage to one turn sweep and the opponent counters and wipes your sweeper
  • Mind Break. Great support usage.
  • Megido. Clean up any demons that have endured
  • Auto Taruka/Auto Rakunda. Use only when you're sure you want to stick with this attack team type, it's quite a heavy investment.

Brands: Life to increase survivability. One fun fact is if they're charmed then they can use tag so Ward could be optional if you don't care about Mute/Bind (Note they can also still use his other skills of course, or just standard attack).


Mainly used in pvp for his purple archetype. Overall Baihu doesn't really have any notable qualities to him and so people like to use him as a low speed unit in their defense team, pair him with Zhong Kui for double intimidation. Baihu is deliberately left at lv 1 for this case (to ensure your team being really slow), give him evade % brands to avoid phys attacks and endure for him to take multiple hits to fall. He will sadly fall very easily to magic and so isn't seen much in higher level pvp.
An upgrade to him instead would be clear Surt, with more bulk and firepower.

Common - Bad
Aragami - Bad
Protector - Bad
Psychic Intimidating Stance reduces the enemy's press turn count by one whenever you start second (maximum two activations).
It's a fairly unique passive existing for only a few demons, making it the best archetype for any demon that possesses it.
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Endure. Increases his survival. If he falls then your team starts with 3 press turns and less chances to counter attack.
  • Dodge. Increases his evasion. Since he's going to fall easily to magic, we're instead building his survival towards phys.
  • Samarecarm. Revives fallen allies, he can technically fall pretty easily but if he does manage to survive via dodging he can help support your team

Brands: Double Dodge can give him an extra 20% evasion. Set bonus doesn't really matter in this case if you have good evasion tertiaries

Demon Information

Phys Repel demon with resistance to light/dark but having the hard to cover Ice weakness. He has pretty good HP, Vit, Str and Mag but bad Agi/Luck. Mitra comes with Mahaju, Barrier Break and Evil Gaze and so on manual play would be a good demon for barrier removal + if Yellow, support. If you do decide to build him as a phys unit, he doesn't have to worry about Phys Repel from harming him which is nice.

Common A 5mp Megido is quite spammable and with his magic stat you could use him as a caster (It's not that high compared to standard casters). Usable
Aragami Though Mitra isn't really recommended for Sloth 10, Mahamaon would make him usable there. Compared to the other Light recommended demons, he doesn't pack as much of a punch sadly, however can stop Girimekhala's Megaton Press. Usable
Protector A 5mp Fog Breath makes him an amazing unit for support. For manual play you can use him with Alilat to prevent phys piercing. Best
Psychic Though Insanity sounds nice in boosting ailment infliction rates, his base luck is pretty low. If you want an ailment unit there are better choices. Mothman for one also comes with Insanity for Purple and also has bind all in his base kit. Bad
Elementalist - Bad

Recommended skills:

  • Resist Ice. Ice weakness is pretty bad given the amount of demons around that can exploit it.
  • Samarecarm. For Yellow, another support skill is always nice

Brands: Divine if you want more spell spamming, Life can build up his bulk and Spell works too if you use him as Clear/Red

Demon Information

The best demon for ailment clearing in game. His kit comes with Megido, Barrier and Mutant (passive which grants him immunity to all ailments), nulls fire, resistance to light/dark and is weak to ice. Naturally he also has high agility and luck which is great as an ailment clearer should always act first before the rest of your team. Kinmamon is quite easy to build as he's a 3★ unit, simply feed him all the Isis you find in Aura Gate to get him the skill points he needs.

Common Megidola is what you'll be stuck with. It's an upgrade to Megido, so if you do want to aoe use this instead of it. Usable
Aragami - Unobtainable
Protector - Unobtainable
Psychic With his already high innate agility, Dodge can help increase his evasion against heavy phys hitters. Unobtainable
Elementalist Null Dark gives him immunity to Alice and prevents Dark sweeping on your team Unobtainable

Recommended skills:

  • Mecharmdi/Meparaladi. Clears the main two dangerous ailments that can mess up your team.
  • Prayer/Silent Prayer. Allows you to cure any afflicted ailments on your team. Silent Prayer is more expensive but has more uses, so be sure to watch your mp.
  • Resist Ice. Covers his weakness, some people tend not to cover it if they feel that he survive without his weakness being hit.
  • War Cry/Fog Breath/Acid Breath. Gives him usage for when he's not needed for curing ailments.
  • Samarecarm. Lends a more supportive role, extra revive source in case things go hairy.

Brands: Life and Shield/Guard work best to give him bulk. Lead could be used if you pair him with faster demons.

Demon Information

Mainly used in pvp offense when you want a good counter towards 2x Intimdation stance teams running heavy phys units, Chupacabara is generally left at level 1 so that you can purposely outslow the enemy team. Coming with Auto-Sukuka and Mazan (for clearing Endures), his passive Stealth gives him a 20% boost to evasion once it activates (is essentially Endure + Evade combined into one) also giving him an extra life. Stack evade % on him and be sure to have Sukukaja/Sukunda up as much as possible and watch them try to hit him, wasting their press turns.

Common The only archetype we have access to and frankly the best for his purpose, Auto-Sukuka gives you an evasive head start for pvp. Best
Aragami - Unobtainable
Protector - Unobtainable
Psychic - Unobtainable
Elementalist - Unobtainable

Recommended skills:

  • Endure. Once Stealth activates, it means the next hit will kill him. This will act as a safety harness in the case you are unlucky.
  • Mind Break. Great support usage.
  • Sukunda. Adds to his evasion if you don't have another demon to use it
  • Samarecarm. Gives him a revive skill for fallen allies.

Brands: Any sets will do as long as it has evasion % on it as you'd need to get it as high as possible for him, Ward would be good for Mother Harlot's Death Lust.

Devillish DJ and Dancing Divas

Capable of enchanting the dance floor with amazing choreography and accompanying tunes, the Party Monsters are best as Teal. With their weaknesses covered you can then opt to teach them whatever moves you like to complement their style.

Devillish DJ is an amazing spellweaver, with great endurance (for those late night raves) and high magic his magical prowess knows no bounds. Capable of igniting flames (not just his hat), sucking the life out of you and luring all nightgoers into the darkness of the dance floor, his innate skills cover a wide variety of styles. So with his experience it is possible for him to cover 4 elements + almighty making him excellent for any sort of content.

Sadly though you can only be joined by one Dancing Diva (and so their power is halved T~T). Regardless of which sister you bring with you (they are twins), they naturally have the ability to break barriers, also capable of bringing the heat and striking you silly with their party poppers. Built with excellent physical stats and decent agility and luck, the dancing divas are no stranger to brawls. Focus on their physical moves to make the most out of their dancing specialty.

Common - Bad
Aragami - Bad
Protector - Bad
Psychic - Bad
Elementalist Their weaknesses are covered via Resist Light and Resist Ice respectively.
Dancing in starlight and in moonlight, you have the freedom in supplying them whichever techniques you like.

Recommended skills:

Devillish DJ

  • Elemental spells. Since he already knows the secrets of Fire, Dark and Almighty any more will do for coverage.

Dancing Divas

  • Phys Aoe. They've already got the single target department covered so this'll be great for farming.
  • Good/Great Aim. For helping them reach their targets if you feel that they aren't up to snuff.
  • Buffs/Debuffs. They have support AI and so will prioritize these skills over their physical prowess.

Brands: Life if you want them to party longer. Divine for more showing off their skills and Spell/War for maximising their power.

Dev's Notes on Brands

  • This guide is geared towards players who want to optimize their demon brand setups.
  • Beginners shouldn't focus too much on things discussed in this guide. (Not every brand needs to be optimized to be usable)
  • We will be discussing 6★ brands only. Most of this can be applied to 4 and 5★ brands however.


  • Primary Stats are the first stat listed on the brand.
  • Secondary Stats are the second stat listed on the brand.
  • Tertiary Stats are the third, fourth and fifth stats listed on the brand.
  • For lack of a better word, I will define Type as the categorical body part that the brand represents: Head, Right Arm, Left Arm, Body or Legs.
  • Likewise, the term Set will be the category that decides what set bonus the brand will give. (Divine, War, Spell, Ward, Aim, etc.)

First things first, let's analyze an example brand:

  • Looking at the brand, we can see the following:
    • The primary stat is HP, and adds 114 HP to your demon.
    • The secondary stat is Mag DEF, and adds 42 Mag DEF to your demon.
    • The tertiary stats are Accuracy, Phys ATK and Critical, and add 7% accuracy, 12% physical attack and 2% critical chance to your demon.
    • The brand set is War, and will add 20% Phys ATK when paired with two other War brands (For a total of 3 War brands in the set)
    • The brand type is Head. Head brands will always have flat HP as their primary stat, so we have to look at tertiary stats for bonuses to a Physical Attacker's offensive capability.
  • The primary and secondary stats of this brand add FLAT stats, while the tertiary stats add PERCENTAGE bonuses to your stats.
  • Upon first glance, this brand would be well suited for a Physical Attacker.
    • 12% Physical Attack will land many Physical Attackers around ~80-100 extra Physical ATK points.
    • 7% Accuracy helps the Physical Attacker land more physical attacks, which can be very important as missing loses press turns.
    • 2% Critical is a nice bonus to the Physical Attacker's critical rate, but really the first two tertiary stats are the ones to pay attention to.


  • Here I will explain the primary and secondary stats for each brand type.
  • Note that tertiary stats will work the same across all brand types, so they will get their own section
  • Head
    • The primary stat of a head brand is always flat HP.
    • The secondary stat will be a flat bonus of either HP, Phys ATK, Mag ATK, Phys DEF, or Mag DEF
    • For max level 6★ brands, you will always get a flat 114 HP primary and 42 points of a secondary stat.
    • The goal for head brands is to get a secondary stat that works well for your demon and start with 1 or 2 decent tertiary stats at level 1. (This will be explained further down)
  • Right Arm
    • The primary stat of a right arm can be any of the following:
      • Flat HP, Phys ATK, Phys DEF, Mag ATK, or Mag DEF
      • Percentage HP, Phys ATK, Phys DEF, Mag ATK, or Mag DEF
      • Percentage Critical, Accuracy or Evasion
    • The secondary stat will be a flat bonus of either HP, Phys ATK, Mag ATK, Phys DEF, or Mag DEF
    • The goal for right arm brands is to ALWAYS get a PERCENTAGE primary stat that fits your Demon, and then start with 1 or 2 decent tertiary stats at level 1. (This will be explained further down). 
  • Left Arm
    • The primary stat of a left arm can be any of the following:
      • Flat HP, Phys ATK, Phys DEF, Mag ATK, or Mag DEF
      • Percentage HP, Phys ATK, Phys DEF, Mag ATK, or Mag DEF
      • Percentage Ailment Inflict or Ailment Resist
    • The secondary stat will be a flat bonus of either HP, Phys ATK, Mag ATK, Phys DEF, or Mag DEF
    • The goal for left arm brands is to ALWAYS get a PERCENTAGE primary stat that fits your Demon, and then start with 1 or 2 decent tertiary stats at level 1. (This will be explained further down). 
  • Body
    • The primary stat of a body brand is always either flat Phys DEF or flat Mag DEF.
    • The secondary stat will be a flat bonus of either HP, Phys ATK, Mag ATK, Phys DEF, or Mag DEF
    • For max level 6★ brands, you will always get a flat 89 Phys/Mag DEF primary and 42 points of a secondary stat.
    • The goal for body brands is to get a secondary stat that works well for your demon and start with 1 or 2 decent tertiary stats at level 1. (This will be explained further down)
  • Legs
    • The primary stat of a left arm can be any of the following:
      • Flat HP, Phys ATK, Phys DEF, Mag ATK, or Mag DEF
      • Percentage HP, Phys ATK, Phys DEF, Mag ATK, or Mag DEF
      • Percentage Speed or Healing Amount
    • The secondary stat will be a flat bonus of either HP, Phys ATK, Mag ATK, Phys DEF, or Mag DEF
    • The goal for leg brands is to ALWAYS get a PERCENTAGE primary stat that fits your Demon, and then start with 1 or 2 decent tertiary stats at level 1. (This will be explained further down). 
  • Side Note for Right Arm, Left Arm and Leg Brands:
    • The truly blessed can find special brands with both the same primary and secondary stat (So the primary is percentage and the secondary is flat) but this is pretty rare and hard to get.
    • The "Perfect Brand" would be a 6★ brand that has matching primary and secondary stats ALONG with three decent tertiary stats, with one tertiary stat having at least 10%.
      • Don't chase the perfect brand


  • Try to get 2 set bonuses. (One 3-part set bonus and One 2-part set bonus)
  • The set bonuses should match the type of demon you are building.
  • Physical Attackers
    • War or Divine as the 3-part set bonus.
    • Ward (Recommended) or Aim as the 2-part set bonus.
    • Exceptions do exist. (I've seen Life, Shield, Guard, Dodge, etc. being used just fine)
  • Magical Attackers
    • Spell or Divine as the 3-part set bonus.
    • Ward (Recommended) as the 2-part set bonus.
    • Exceptions do exist. (I've seen Life, Shield, Guard, Dodge, etc. being used just fine)
  • Support
    • Life, Sick (If Status Ailment) or Divine as the 3-part set bonus.
    • Ward (Recommended) or Dodge (If high AGI) as the 2-part set bonus.
    • Exceptions do exist depending on the demon.
  • Tanks
    • Life as the 3-part set bonus.
    • Ward (Recommended) or Shield (If high luck) as the 2-part set bonus.
    • Ideally you'd want a build that can stall enemies in PVP, but I've seen exceptions to this as well.

Tertiary Stats & Leveling Up Brands

  • These two things go together since leveling up tertiaries are the things that drive many players crazy.
  • Tertiaries could be any stat, they could be one of the 5 flat stats (HP, ATK, DEF) or any of the percentage stats.
    • Brands at level 1 could start with 0, 1, 2 or 3 tertiaries.
    • Flat tertiaries start from anywhere from 1-25 at level 1, and can boost up to 50 points
    • Percentage tertiaries start from anywhere from 1-4% at level 1, and can boost up to 20%
    • Tertiaries cannot be the EXACT same as the primary stat, so if the primary stat is a Phys ATK % for example, a tertiary for that brand will not be Phys ATK %
    • Aim for brands starting with 1 or 2 decent tertiaries. (1 for usable brands, 2 for possibly OP brands)
    • 6★ Brands starting with 3 tertiaries are unicorns (rare). Don't feel the need to chase them, especially since brands with 2 tertiaries have a chance to be just as good.
    • In many cases you would want percentage tertiaries, but not always. (Explained in a later section when I build an example demon)
  • The Leveling Up Process
    • Each level from 1 to 9 will boost the primary stat by a set amount. (Percentage primary stats will go up by 1%)
    • At level 3, if the brand does not have at least 1 tertiary stat, then a tertiary stat will be generated.
      • Otherwise, one of the brands existing tertiary stats will be boosted. (This is the only way to get tertiaries above 5%)
    • At level 6, if the brand does not have at least 2 tertiary stats, then a tertiary stat will be generated.
      • Otherwise, one of the brands existing tertiary stats will be boosted.
      • The tertiary stat that is boosted can be the same as the one boosted at level 3. (This is how you can get tertiary stats to very high percentages (Above 10%), they need to be boosted at least twice.)
    • At level 9, if the brand does not have all three 3 tertiary stats, then a tertiary stat will be generated.
      • Otherwise, one of the brands existing tertiary stats will be boosted.
      • Same as at level 6, the stat boosted can be the same as the one boosted at levels 3 and 6.
      • This means, that if your brand starts with 3 tertiaries at level 1, it is possible for the same tertiary to be boosted at levels 3, 6, and 9. This would push a percentage stat really high (Probably 12%+)
    • Each level from 10 to 15 will boost the primary stat by a set amount and the secondary stat by a set amount. 
      • These levels are the only way to bump up your brand's secondary stat.
    • At level 15, the brand will boost one of the brands existing tertiary stats.
      • This means that if you want to optimize your 6★ brands tertiary stats, they must be leveled to 15.
  • As we can see, the reason why you would want at least 1 or 2 decent tertiary stats at level 1 is because of the tertiary boosts at levels 3, 6, 9 and 15. 
    • A brand with a tertiary stat, for example, of Phys ATK +3% at level one could end up with that tertiary being Phys ATK +12% at level 15 due to these boosts.
The Example Brand Revisted

  • The brand originally started out with two tertiaries at level 1: 4% Accuracy, 4% Phys ATK.
    • I kept this brand because the two tertiaries matched up well for Physical Attackers
  • At level 3, the Phys ATK tertiary was boosted from 4 to 8%.
  • At level 6, the Accuracy tertiary was boosted from 4 to 7%.
  • At level 9, the 2% Critical tertiary was generated.
  • At level 15, the Phys ATK tertiary was boosted again, from 8% to 12%.
  • As you can see, boosting a tertiary twice can yield very high stats.

Let's analyze a Level 50 Yoshitsune: (Analysis of different demons coming soon)

  • 1089 HP (1% is 10.89 HP)
  • 745 Physical Attack (1% is 7.45 ATK)
  • 597 Physical Defense (1% is 5.97 PDEF)
  • 607 Magical Attack (1% is 6.07 MATK)
  • 564 Magical Defense (1% is 5.64 MDEF)
  • 16300 Speed (1% is 163 Speed)
  • 163 Agility & 152 Luck
    • His evasion and accuracy should be relatively high if we combine these two stats.
  • Hassou Tobi at max level has a 25% Accuracy buff + 20% Damage buff
  • We can see that he is a Physical Attacker with decent evasion/accuracy, so we should look at the following 4 focus stats (In order of importance):
    • Phys ATK: Increases damage - Most important for Physical Attackers
    • Phys AC: Increases hit rate - Second-most important for Physical Attackers
    • Phys EV: Increases evasion rate - Decent due to innate high agility
    • Critical: Increases critical rate - Good bonus for Physical Attackers
  • The following stats are usable for him:
    • HP, Mag DEF, Phys DEF, Speed, Ailment Resist
      • Aim for percentage boosts for HP (Each 1% gives 10 HP)
      • Aim for flat boosts for Mag DEF and Phys DEF or high percentage boosts (At least 5%)
      • Ailment Resist can be mostly ignored if you are going to use Ward.
  • The following stats are pretty much useless for him:
    • Mag ATK, Healing, Ailment Inflict

Brand Analysis

  • So first I'm going to analyze 5 different brands, one of each type.
  • For each brand I will break down the stat gains, explain what is good about the brand and how to improve from it.
  • Important Note: This guide would have been better if I had a badly optimized level 15 brand so that I could show you what's wrong with it... Unfortunately, I've sold all my bad brands and I don't have enough macca to level a bad one up lol.
    • In the future, I'll remember to hold on to bad example brands for future analysis

  Let's look at this Head brand's stats:

  • 114 HP (Equivalent to 11.4%)
  • 42 Mag DEF (Equivalent to 7.5%)
  • 12% Phys ATK = 88.8 Phys ATK
  • 7% Phys AC
  • 2% Critical

  Why is this brand good?

  • It gets the 2 best stats for a Physical Attacker: Phys ATK and Accuracy
    • 88.8 extra Phys ATK is a sizable amount.
    • 7% extra accuracy would give his Hassou Tobi a boosted accuracy rate of 32%.
      • Coupling this with his already high agility, Hassou Tobi will already hit a lot more often.
  • Hits 3 of the 4 focus stats: Phys ATK (Boosted Tertiary), Accuracy (Double Boosted Tertiary) and Critical
  • All 5 stats are usable: Mag DEF can even be considered a focus stat if you have Hell Biker

  How to improve from this brand?

  • Honestly, not much you can change without being very lucky.
  • Ideally, many people chase Phys ATK as a secondary for Head pieces
    • So if you cannot get a good Phys ATK tertiary, getting a Phys ATK secondary would yield 42 Phys ATK at level 15 (Which is equivalent to about 5.6%)

  General Rule of Thumb:

  • Get a usable secondary
  • Get multiple focus stats
  • Get at least either Phys ATK or Accuracy on this brand
  • THIS is the brand type that you are allowed to be picky with
    • The primary stat will always be HP, so you might as well try and control the rest of the stats as best you can.

  Let's look at this Right Arm brand's stats:

  • 25% Phys ATK = 186 Phys ATK
  • 42 HP (Equivalent to 4.2%)
  • 7% Phys EV
  • 22 Phys DEF (Equivalent to 3.72%)
  • 3% Ailment Resist

  Why is this brand good?

  • Massive gains for Phys ATK
    • 186 Phys ATK for a primary stat is HUGE.
    • This primary stats percentage boost is usually enough to justify keeping the brand for Phys Attackers.
    • However, let's get greedy.
  • Hits 2 of the 4 focus stats: Phys ATK and Evasion (Boosted Tertiary)
  • All 5 stats are usable: Ailment resist is okay, but at least it helps you after the barrier is broken.

  How to improve from this brand?

  • This is where we start nitpicking
  • Ideally I'd want as much Accuracy as I can get.
    • IMO if the brand still had Phys ATK % as the primary and at least 5% Accuracy as a tertiary, I would use it to replace this brand for sure
  • For secondary stats, I would've prefered either Phys ATK or Mag DEF
    • Mag DEF benefits more from flat boosts for Yoshi (42 Mag DEF = 7.5%, which would beat out many Mag DEF percentage tertiaries)
    • Phys ATK boosts his already high Phys ATK even higher
  • The 22 Phys DEF and 3% Ailment Resist tertiaries could be better.
    • Ideally we'd want them to be focus stats (RNG gods will likely not cooperate)

  General Rule of Thumb:

  • ALWAYS get percentage Phys ATK for phys attackers
    • The 186 Phys ATK boost is massive enough that you shouldn't ignore this (Except for a few RARE exceptions)
  • Get multiple focus stats
  • The primary stat is top priority, an arm brand with a Phys ATK primary and bad tertiaries is STILL better than an arm brand with a bad primary and good tertiaries

  Let's look at this Left Arm brand's stats:

  • 25% Phys ATK = 186 Phys ATK
  • 42 HP (Equivalent to 4.2%)
  • 7% Phys EV
  • 32 Phys ATK (Equivalent to 4.32%)
  • 23 Mag DEF (Equivalent to 4.1%)

  Why is this brand good?

  • Massive gains for Phys ATK
    • 186 Phys ATK for a primary stat is HUGE.
    • 32 Phys ATK for a tertiary gives us even more Phys ATK.
    • This is why people try to combine percentage and flat stats for Arm brands, 217 extra Phys ATK is pretty insane for one brand
  • Hits 2 of the 4 focus stats: Phys ATK (Boosted Tertiary) and Evasion (Boosted Tertiary), Hits Phys ATK twice
  • All 5 stats are usable

  How to improve from this brand?

  • This is where we start nitpicking
  • Ideally I'd want as much Accuracy as I can get.
    • Unlike the right arm brand above, I like the combination of these three terts so much that I'd need accuracy ALONG with two decent tertiaries in order to consider replacing this brand.
  • For secondary stats, I would've prefered either Phys ATK or Mag DEF
    • Mag DEF benefits more from flat boosts for Yoshi
    • Phys ATK boosts his already high Phys ATK even higher
  • This is controversial, but I actually really like the 23 Mag DEF flat boost.
    • It's better than a percentage boost of 4%, which is amazing. In order to beat this number, you'd need a boosted percentage tertiary, which is difficult to acquire.

  General Rule of Thumb:

  • ALWAYS get percentage Phys ATK for phys attackers
    • The 186 Phys ATK boost is massive enough that you shouldn't ignore this (Except for a few RARE exceptions)
  • Get multiple focus stats
  • The primary stat is top priority, an arm brand with a Phys ATK primary and bad tertiaries is STILL better than an arm brand with a bad primary and good tertiaries

  Let's look at this Body brand's stats:

  • 89 Phys DEF (Equivalent to 15%)
  • 42 Phys ATK (Equivalent to 5.5%)
  • 8% Critical
  • 4% HP = 40 HP
  • 3% Phys ATK = 22.8 Phys ATK

  Why is this brand good?

  • Sizable boost to Phys ATK
    • 64.8 Phys ATK is a decent amount for a body brand.
  • Hits 2 of the 4 focus stats: Phys ATK and Critical (Boosted Tertiary), Hits Phys ATK twice
  • All 5 stats are usable

  How to improve from this brand?

  • Ideally, I'd actually want Mag DEF as the primary stat.
    • Mag DEF is more useful because we Yoshi already has high innate AGI and boosted evasion from the other brands
    • Magical Attacks cannot be evaded, which means we need some other way of mitigating that type of damage
  • If we're nitpicking, we'd probably want Accuracy as a tertiary to replace one of these three

  General Rule of Thumb:

  • Get a usable secondary
  • Get multiple focus stats covered
  • Be picky with the tertiaries for this brand. Since the primary stat can only be Phys or Mag DEF, you might as well try and land a useful tertiary that boosts your offensive capabilities.

  Let's look at this Leg brand's stats:

  • 25% Phys ATK = 186 Phys ATK
  • 42 HP (Equivalent to 4.2%)
  • 8% Phys AC
  • 8% Phys EV
  • 3% Ailment Resist

  Why is this brand good?

  • It gets the 2 best stats for a Physical Attacker: Phys ATK and Accuracy
    • 186 Phys ATK for a primary stat is HUGE.
    • 8% extra accuracy would give his Hassou Tobi a boosted accuracy rate of 40%. (15% extra accuracy to the rest of his attacks)
      • Coupling this with his already high agility, Hassou Tobi will already hit a lot more often.
  • Hits 3 of the 4 focus stats: Phys ATK, Accuracy (Boosted Tertiary) and Evasion (Boosted Tertiary)
  • All 5 stats are usable: Ailment resist is okay, it'll at least help when barriers are broken

  How to improve from this brand?

  • This is where we start nitpicking
  • For secondary stats, I would've prefered either Phys ATK or Mag DEF
    • Mag DEF benefits more from flat boosts for Yoshi
    • Phys ATK boosts his already high Phys ATK even higher

  General Rule of Thumb:

  • ALWAYS get percentage Phys ATK for phys attackers
    • The 186 Phys ATK boost is massive enough that you shouldn't ignore this (Except for a few RARE exceptions)
  • Get multiple focus stats
  • The primary stat is top priority, an leg brand with a Phys ATK primary and bad tertiaries is STILL better than an leg brand with a bad primary and good tertiaries

Concluding Analysis

  • From the brands, Yoshi has acquired the following stats:
    • 744.5 Phys ATK (74 flat, 90%)
    • 15% Accuracy
      • This will allow his Hassou Tobi to have an extra 40% Accuracy total when maxed out
    • 22% Evasion
      • This is nice to have against physical teams. Could potentially save you in some situations
    • 10% Critical
      • On it's own it's okay, but when paired with Savage Glee (Which is a gacha skill that can come with Yoshi, or can be transferred from Teal Orochi (Gacha skill as well) it can be pretty substantial.
    • 283 HP (240 flat, 4%)
    • 111 Phys DEF (all flat)
    • 65 Mag DEF (all flat)
    • 6% Ailment Resist
  • The War brand set bonus gives an additional 20% which translates to 149 more Physical ATK
    • Brings the total up to a boost of 893.5 Physical ATK, which should give Yoshitsune a total of 1638.5 Phys ATK.
      • The game seems to round this up to 1640, which means that there seems to be a hidden float value for each stat.
      • My guess is that Yoshi doesn't have just 745 PATK, but rather 745.5 or something.
  • The Ward brand set bonus also gives a 3-turn barrier at the start of the battle
  • Anyways, this is what I'd call a decently optimized Physical Attacker, here are the primary points:
    • 3 Brands with Phys ATK % primaries
    • Decent, usable tertiaries that cover focus stats (Especially Accuracy)
    • To improve: Mag DEF is on the low end, and maybe Yoshi could use more Accuracy



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